My tears seep silently forth almost
unnoticed by my fellow man, down
cheeks turned satin thin and lined
with age, from eyes faded in color
and disguised with cataracts.

My shoulders are pulled down and my
back is no longer straight. My mind
seeks to find the reason for the years
gone by, for family and friends, for
the reason I cry.

Now here I sit. My hands are gnarled
and my body has shrunk within itself.
I lift an arm to you in pleading
request. For what? I am not sure.
My hand would grasp your own and
share your day of youth.

Will you take a moment to hold my
hand? Will you understand? Know
this if only for a moment. I cry for all
I was, for dreams that were only
dreams, for the tomorrow that comes
too soon.

I sit in this nursing home not truly
seen by those passing by. You see
only an elderly soul that cries for
unknown reasons. You think "How
sad!" and go on your way, rushing
into the next moment.

What will tomorrow hold......for

by Vickey Stamps

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