March 9, 2003
Local woman driving home from work about 10:30 PM heading south on Highway 17 between Moffat and Hooper pulled up behind a large silver object going much slower.  It was so big that it overlapped into the other lane so she couldn't pass it.  After following it for a few minutes she noticed it had no wheels.  It then lifted up and sped off.

  April 20, 2003
While camping at the UFO Watchtower a camper awoke to a strange sound.  There was a pulsating, rumbling sound that was very close but did not sound like a helicopter.  Sound periodically changed into several popping, muffled sounds with only a slight vibration in her van.  An oblong object then passed over the top of her heading towards the Sangre De Cristo mountains.  The object was about the size of her van in length and just a little wider.  It had something similar to satellite dishes on the front and on the back.  Possible sonar devices?  Painting of what she saw is at the Tower.

  June 7, 2003
"Satellite" moving very quickly and was a very bright yellow color.  Watched it speed up and then start doing circles.  When shined a light at it it swerved and disappeared.

  June 14,2003
Camper standing by tent witnessed a series of pulsating lights to the west.  Watched for about 5 to 10 seconds.  Lights then stopped and it disappeared.  Drawing of what occured on file at the Tower.

  June 14, 2003
11:00PM Colorado Mufon initially were signaling with high powered lights, signaling the lights in different directions.  They stopped signaling and began observing.  Within minutes they saw a light coming across the sky from SW to NE.  They thought it was most likely a satellite because of its motion and speed.  While watching the object continue towards NE, it suddenly stopped.  At that point everyone got very excited!  It positioned itself between a couple of stars.  Then it started to move again in the northeasterly direction it had been moving in and disappeared.

June 28th, 2003
Submitted by Susie Nobles from Aurora, CO - 8:30 and 8:45pm - Judy had gone back to the house and I had gone back to my camping spot.  It was just after the sun had set and there was just enough light to see the form of the Watchtower.  I could see the south side and it was like someone had taken a paintbrush, dipped it in liquid light and was painting soft streaks in different areas of the Tower.  A streak here, a streak there, but it was a soft light.  I looked for the moon with clouds passing and causing a reflection - the moon wasn't out yet - I looked for cars passing by with headlights - there weren't any.  The lights lasted about 15 - 17 minutes.  It was wonderful cuz the Tower "Looked Alive"!

March 20, 2004
While celebrating the Vernal Equinox at the Tower at about 10:45 PM. Noticed a huge saucer shaped object to the north that was blocking out the stars. Thought maybe it was a cloud. Saw a plane flying from the east towards the "black spot" so figured we'd see if it went into the "cloud". The plane flew to the edge of the object (or whatever it was) and at that point the object disappeared and the stars were visible again.

March 29, 2005
Judy received a call from a man who lives east of Alamosa. He was confused about some tracks left in his yard. He described them as looking like a track a balloon tire on a bicycle would leave, but as it went across his road base gravel driveway it dug into the road base and then went it got to a bale of straw, it went under the straw; when it got to the compost pile, it stopped and went around it; when it got to a black tarp, it went over it. He called the sheriff as well, who's comment was, "Strange".

March 30, 2005 ~ around 8:45 AM
A group of ladies were at the Hooper Pool doing water arobics when they spotted a light on the Sand Dunes. They described it as being the size of a half dollar from where they were. The light then lifted up and began moving towards Madonau pass where it disappeared.

Sept 5, 2005 ~ from Deb, late evening after 11 pm on Sept 4th or early morning on Sept 5, 2005 was there a bright light in the sky that only lasted maybe 5 minutes ? It would have been seen around Hooper, Moffat, Village Grove.

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