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[ These are just a few from years ago - check with Judy for more info }
Memorial Weekend ~ About 10:45 pm: One of the watchers saw two dots way high up moving at an incredible speed, one was quite far ahead of the other, suddenly the one in the front stops dead and waits for the second one to catch up then the two of them left at high speed, went behind a cloud and when that happened there was a streak of light across the sky. Never saw them exit from the cloud.

The following week: Watchers were out and saw the dots again except this time there were 5 or 6 of them and it was around 11:00 PM. They were all moving at a high rate of speed when all of sudden the 2nd or 3rd one reversed its direction never slowing down.


On Father's Day: I was driving over to the Tower° to open at 10:50 AM and noticed a string of about 20 what I thought were silver milar balloons floating along. Immediately I thought someone had sent up balloons for Father's Day, until they stopped and started forming different shapes. I ran into the shop to get the binoculars and when I came back out they were gone...they had just vanished!


In March 2001: A semi driver and his wife came to the Tower° looking for help. He didn't know what had happened to him but suspected an abduction. He remembered traveling 285 toward Sagauche when he saw a bright light in the sky.
All of a sudden the light was in front of his truck, he remembered slowing down and starting to pull over to avoid hitting whatever it was. The next thing he remembered was driving 285 past Saguache going towards Monte Vista. When he got to Monte Vista's Truck Stop he started filling out his log book...he was missing 4 hours. From that time on he was claustrophobic in his truck and was having violent nightmares.


Music Festival ~ June, 2001: Several witnesses saw a huge UFO (large round object) hovering over the laser show.  Eventually it flew away and disappeared.  In front of the log house there were several objects flying back and forth.  They were so fast that those who saw them questioned what they saw before seeing them disappear.


The middle of July: I had a young man walk into the shop, he was hanging his head and very quietly said "I think I was abuducted". He proceeded to tell me that he had been hunting last fall over by Gunnison. He had laid down to rest on a rock with his rifle across his chest. He remember's looking down on the trees around him. He felt like he had a bit of amnesia. When he came out of it he was missing 3 hours. The gun that was laying across his chest was found about 20 feet away.


July 1, 2001: Cary saw a silver object go along the north side of Mount Blanca and disappear into the Sand Dunes between 3 & 4 P.M.


September 21, 2001: Visitors pointed out a light up and straight out from the Tower°. It was flashing for 20 minutes or so and was moving up, down and side to side irradically then disappeared.


September 22, 2001: Light similar to the one seen on the 21st but this time over Mount Blanca. Watched it until it disappeared. Witnessed by 12 - 15 people around 10:00 P.M. Spoke with campers the next morning and at 11:00 to 11:30 P.M. they, too watched what sounded like the same light over Mount Blanca for about 15 minutes then it sped off at an incredible speed to the west side of the Valley.

November 24, 2001 ~ 5:30pm: Witnessed by 7 people!  Above the Sand Dunes there were 3 lights in the sky.  One was flashing yellow, red, blue and green lights and not moving, it was hovering.  Directly above the Dunes were 2 more objects flashing the same colors but not moving.  They were approximately 4 miles apart.  The 3rd one was approximately 9 miles from the other 2 and was making irradic movements.  An hour later all three had vanished!  

November 30, 2001:  2 military helicopters flying low from west to east...disappeared on east side of Dunes...too low to clear the mountains.


Decmber 6, 2001 ~ 7:15pm:   Bright light over the Dunes for about 30 seconds.  Thought to be a plane but too low.


December 12, 2001:  Call about "meteors" over Sand Dunes flying horizontally with tails.  One was amber in color the other was bright white and were about half way down the mountain then went up and over the mountains...BIZZARE!


January 5, 2002 ~ 8:15pm: Received several calls from Valley residents reporting a bright spinning light flashing different colors under Orion's belt.  The light was stationary and looked like it was below the stars...closer to Earth.  We cannot rule out the star, Betelgeux, but seemed much closer to the Earth than a star would be, as well as the fact that it seemed to be rotatiing.


February 23, 2002 ~ 6:20pm: Had numerous calls on a bright light with amber on the bottom and leaving a bright trail, rapidly moving from north to south, first spotted over Kit Carson Peak, then stopping over  Madenaw (sp) Peak area and then disappearing. At 9:20 PM, 7 people witnessed a bright light over the Sand Dunes area, no other colors.  Watched for 15 minutes and then saw it disappear.


May 13, 2002 ~ 11-11:30pm:    Reported by campers....saw a light over Crestone.  Blue, white, red, white, white, red, red  (changing patterns of light).  Young boys started acting strange afterwards.  Entire demeanor change.


June 10, 2002 ~ 10:30pm:    Light moved across the sky for about 10 seconds, faded then 2 more followed, changed colors the disappeared.


June 12, 2002 ~ 12:15am: Light going up and down, then in circles, then went backwards, then in circles again, then to right, then disappeared.


July 21, 2002 ~ 11:48pm:   Judy's granddaughter saw a bright light hovering over the UFO Watchtower®.  Watched it for a few minutes then went to bed.


July 27, 2002 ~ 10:30pm:  Judy noticed strange lights above the Sand Dunes.  Two white lights with a red one in the middle, kinda looked like it was going in a circle but assumed it was a plane until one of the campers described same lights at 11:30 PM.  Then her son and daughter-in-law saw the same lights when coming home from a dance in Monte Vista between 12 midnight and 12:30 AM.  They watched it  for about 30 minutes then saw it disappear!


The week of December 23rd: ...had the residents of La Garita buzzing!  A bright light appeared and hovered over the lit everything up!  What's strange is that all the yard lights in the area went out!


January 25, 2003: Late in the evening...... a guest who was staying at Judy's for the weekend saw a bright light hovering over the road going into the UFO Watchtower®.  She said it was so bright that it lit up the bedroom.  Scared her so bad that she hid under the blankets instead of waking Judy to see!

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