Here is a list of just some places Judy has done interviews! Everyone everywhere is talking about the UFOWatchTower® !!

New York


Denver Paul Harvey ~ KOA

San Diego

Chicago Greg King ~ WMAQ

Sydney, Austraila

Montreal, Canada

Dennis McCarthy ~ America In The Morning

Planet Priestly ~ Washington, D.C.

KOA Radio ~  Denver

UFO Lab ~  Roswell, NM

Santa Barbara, CA   

Mark Hebsburg ~ KRDO

Tracey ~ TSM News

Andrea in Denver

Boulder Gary Tessler ~ KWAB

Los Angeles J Rock Radio

Seattle, Washington Brian Suets

Grand Junction, CO ~ KStar Radio

Toronto, Canada

Seattle, Washington

Colorado Springs, Colorado ~ KVOD

Denver CNBC


Canada Matt & Jeff


New Zealand

Salt Lake Patrick ~ KZHT

Cincinnatti, Ohio Rich Walberg ~ WLV

New Orleans, LA David Erwin & Sarah Morty

Boulder Robert Labord ~ KWAB

Baltimore, Maryland Alama Meir ~ 98 Rock

Waco TX

Tulsa, OK Patrick ~ KZHT

Toronto, Canada Tim RIchards ~ CFRB

Tampa, FL ~ WFLD

Pittsburgh Heather ~ KBKA

Columbia, Missour Cameo Carlson

St Louis

Paul McCarthy

Cellisville, Montana

Omaha Nebraska

Kanas City °Strange Show° Johnny & Murphy

Kingman Arizona

Roanoke,Virginia ~ J93

Los Angeles Christian


Dayton, Ohio ~ WTUE

New Hampshire ~ WHEB Rock 101 & WHGB

Greg & Jean Marie

Chirs ~ KJYO

Colorado Springs, CO Magic Morning ~ KKMG

Colorado Springs, CO Kris Knight Magic Morning ~ KKMG

Bill Scott & Joe Keeler In The Morning ~ WRCK

Dennison, Turkey Injerlick Kevin ~ AFN

Miami Lz Wild

Milwaukee WI Tony ~ FM106

Toledo, Ohio Susie

Syracuse, NY

Drew Keyon ~ WLIR

New York Steven Scogan ~ 293

Minnesota Rick Peterson ~ KROC

Montana Jerry ~ KSIV

Salida Colorado ~ KHEN

A message from Bandwagon Productions:

Thanks to All!
Bo and I wanted to say
thanks again for all your input during the UFO Watch. We had a great time at the tower, learned alot and was able to meet and hang out with some kind folks. We will keep you up to date. Until next time - keep your eyes on the sky and your mind open!
BandWagon Productions

Contact Judy at 719-378-2296


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