Wednesday August 29, 2001
Valley Courier
Meteor experience "WOWerful"

Dear Editor,

On August 1, a couple from Kansas City camped
in our campground and witnessed the meteor
everyone is talking about.

They left me the following note. It was so beautifully
written I felt I should share it with the
world (Alamosa, anyway).

"We did not see an alien or ship (unless it was in disguise).
We sat under the stars, transfixed by the beauty,
when a good sized orange dot began to
move across the sky..a shooting star, yet the dash
across the sky was seemingly slow...maybe it was
just that the body and mind went into freeze-
frame, slow-motion mode because the knowing of
what we were about to see was blossoming.

"It began as the brightest, boldest shooting star
we have ever seen and then, as if it kicked into
hyperdrive, it moved at 10 times the speed. It
seemed to split the sky, working itself into a piece
of golden amber.

"This is when the Roman candle effect took off,
for as the golden amber exploded, the sky in its
path was enveloped with its breathtaking brightness.

"Nate saw light divide in two... whitin was a
crystally, cracking residual memory which faded
into his breathless awe.

"For me, I experienced a sort of pause before the
light divided and multiplied 10-fold with the crackling
light of a firecracker dickoff. I saw rainbow
colors in the refracted light. I bet if I could have
taken my eyes from the sky it would have been
like dawn kidding the earth below.

"The incredible lenght across the night sky was
only the preparation for the intense explosion of
light and dimension near the end. This experience
with live with us for our duration... WOWERFUL!"

Rachel & Nate

Thank You!
Judy Messoline
UFO Watchtower®

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