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Tony Spain, Personal Trainer Absolute Boxing Fitness is the creation of Tony Spain.

Tony is a former Golden Glove Champion, undefeated 4 time Toughman Champion and a former Professional title contender. Along with his 25 years of boxing experience, Tony is a Sanctioned USA Boxing Coach, a Licensed Florida Boxing Trainer, a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.

Tony has trained and represented professional boxers and on the Board of Directors of Kickboxing Fitness Institute, American Strength Training Institute and Bone Crunch Fighting and is President of The Boxing Fitness Institute. He has currently completed the Cross fit Striking Certification Course.


Jud Villa - Assistant Trainer:

Jud Villa is a Sanctioned USA Boxing Coach, Licensed Florida Boxing trainer by the Florida Boxing Commission and Certified Boxing Fitness instructor. Jud has obtained Advanced Boxing Fitness Certification through the Boxing Fitness Institute. Jud specializes in proper techniques for fitness, fun and self-defense!

A f f i l i a t e s
Charles Wolfpack Bjj
Wolfpack Bjj
Erik Marshall
Erik Marshall
Valhalla Mma
Frank DiMeo
Frank Dimeo
Crossfit Gulfcoast

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Sheryl Hendricks "Tony Spain's Absolute Boxing Fitness is great for getting in shape and learning something new!"

Sheryl Hendricks,
Longtime Client

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"Boxing helps you overcome fear . . . It doesn't mean that boxing will take the fear away completely, but it will teach you to live and function well within that fear." - - - Cus D'Amato, Legendary Trainer
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