A Web TV® Story

Chapter One

He sent his plane as promised. She boarded anxiously, knowing she was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The moment that had been in her every thought and dream for months, would shortly come to pass. She would see her soulmate, her online lover for the first time, face to face.

  As the jet was ascending, her thoughts reflected back on how this all came to be. They first noticed each other in a webtv® online newsgroup. There was a certain undefinable attraction between them right from the start. Their posts to the group made one another smile and before long, each would start their day looking for the other's name on the posts and reading those posts first. After a bit more time passed, they sent email flirtations to each other daily. The turning point in their relationship was the ingenious "Summer Upgrade" that webtv® rolled out that included the Instant Messenger™. They were then typing to each other several times a day, sometimes well into the night. How close they had become in such a short amount of time. It was now time to realize what they had only been able to fantasize about thus far.

    His driver met her at the airport and traveled up the winding mountain road to a cabin built into the side of the mountain. She exited the limo and waved the driver off...she needed to get the courage to knock on the door that held her destiny behind it. He was inside pacing back and forth. He had heard the limo pull up and leave. "Did she change her mind?", he wondered out loud. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, she knocked lightly on the door. He flung open the door even before the knock was completed. Their eyes met and they fell into each other's arms...kissing and crying...tasting and touching. Their hugs were now more than keyboard characters typed on a tv screen. Neither could believe that this was finally happening....

~Author Janet~

Chapter Two

The kissing and hugging seemed to last a good 15 min. Finally he grabbed her gently by the hand and moved towards the back door of the cabin. While he was leading her to the back door, she took a quick glance around the room. Up on the mantle over the fireplace she noticed a picture of a beautiful woman, he was in the picture as well.

Out on the porch was a table with brunch. The porch overlooked the lovely valley below. She couldn't stop thinking about the picture she had seen in the cabin. All the time they had corresponded on the net, he never had mentioned any other women. Not even a sister or his mother come to think of it. Strange she thought, "How much do I really know about him?"

She decided that this would be the time that they should learn more about each other face to face not on the webtv®. They enjoyed the brunch not talking but just giving loving glances at each other. She picked up the olive out of her Martini and started sucking on it, all the while giving him a playful look. He got up took her hand and they went back into the cabin.

~Author Becky~

Chapter Three

As they entered the cabin Roberto gently caressed her shoulders and whispered how much he had looked forward to their meeting like this. Magdelana felt her body quiver and a feeling of elation flowed over her like a cool summer breeze. Roberto took her into his arms and held her tightly as he maneuvered her to the center of the living room where a fire burned brilliantly in the fireplace.....the scent of jasmine filled the room and then, ......a beautiful, lilting (yet hauntng) melody filled the air. They danced and swayed to the beat of the music. Magdelana was swept up into a sense of being that she had never felt before. "Oh how can this be...how can I feel this free...this loved....am I dreaming?" Feeling Roberto's warm lips and his hands caressing her,   she knew she was not dreaming.

As they danced she felt so light, so happy...it was as she thought it would be through those longs months of sending e-mails and using the messenger....she had truly met her soul mate.....the man she dreamed of so often as a young woman.....and then the webtv® brought her dream to life!

Roberto seemed in a dream world....his lips burning each time he brushed her cheek with them, his hands shook with desire but he was not about to frighten her off. He wanted this moment to last ........oh how he wanted to stay this way..gently holding his love....feeling her body close to his....the rythmic beat of the music was pulsating through his body...her sweet natural smell....so clean...so pure.....oh how he had hoped it would be this way when he met her on the web.

They said not a word as they danced and swayed in perfect unison....it was as if they had been born for this moment! A sound? A faint ringing of a bell? Magdelana opened her eyes and, once again, saw the picture on the mantle. She tensed.....

Roberto said "My darling love, fear not the ringing of the bells.....for it is just................................."

~Author Mayen~

Chapter Four

"Maggie?" he asked. "Oh, I'm ok Berto!" she answered, giving her body a little shake to show him she was ok, but she wasn't. Earlier the cell phone in his pocket rang. He didn't take the call. It was then he told her it was the only phone in the cabin. Another red flag!

When they first fell into each others arms today her fears were assuaged. Now they were back full tilt! Here she was with a "Man of many mysteries", as Berto describes himself , & she with no connection to the outside world.

What sounded like romantic seclusion now struck her as total isolation with, for all intents & purposes, a stranger!

"This man has a whole life i know nothing of!" she thought.


Berto's voice startled her out of her thoughts. "Berto, I'm just felt a bit chilly...perhaps some hot coffee please?"

When he left the room she walked over to look more closely at the picture, no inscription. She turned toward the bookcase. upon looking at the the titles another red flag! Berto said he favored science & metaphysical tomes! Yet here were the Brontes & all manner of classics.

"I feel like I"m in an old bad movie", Maggie was thinking as she pulled open a desk drawer & stared at a phone!

She picked up the receiver and listened to the dial tone. The ringer was off! "Why would someone lie about a having a telephone?"

She quickly shut the drawer, going to the next one. check ledger ...no three! " Robert Velasquez, Roberto Ramirez, Robert Anderson". What the hell is going on here? he told her his name was Roberto Ramirez Acevedo!

Berto called out from the kitchen "Maggie, how about some cake to go with coffee?"

"Yes!" stall him for more time!

Here, whats this, a print out? a e-mail print out. "Oh! but of course, Bobby, I'd love to sip pina coladas with you on St Thomas! My man of mystery! The 14th is set then! With all my heart...xoxoxo Heather" , AOL addy dated 2 days ago!


Berto crossed the room, put down the cups & continued toward her....

~Author Cher~