Chapter One

Sherry jumped out of bed and could barely hold in her excitement. The day of her senior Prom had finally arrived.

Sherry had been dreaming about senior prom night ever since sophomore year when she met Josh. She and Josh had been steadies ever since then. They really made an adorable couple. Josh was about 6 feet tall now and had gorgeous, shoulder length, brown, flowing hair. Sherry was about 5'6" and had long flowing Blonde hair. Sherry just knew tonight would magical. How could it not be?

Sherry and Josh's two best friends, Dotti and Bruce, were double dating for the prom and they all chipped in to share a limousine. The limo driver was planning on picking up Bruce and Dotti first, then Josh, and finally Sherry. Sherry wanted it that way because she wanted to take lots of pictures of all of them in their formals next to the beautifully bloomed garden in Sherry's backyard.

After hours of primping and fussing, Sherry was finally ready. The whole family was waiting downstairs in the living room for Sherry to make her grand entrance. Mom was at the bottom of the stairs with the video camera, and Dad and her 12 year old brother Timmy were seated on the couch.

There she was. Sherry looked stunning as she strolled down the stairs. Her light pink spaghetti strap dress seemed to flow with her every movement. Her golden blonde hair shimmered. She looked like a princess.

"You look like a pink elephant!..HAHAHA", Timmy remarked, as would any younger brother.

"Shut up Timmy! You little Freak!"..Sherry snapped back.

"Can we have 10 minutes without you two at each other's throats?" Mom asked.

"Okay, okay...Mom, enough with the video. Josh and the gang should be here in 20 minutes and we really need to pick out the best spot by the garden for pictures" Sherry said.

The whole family headed out to the yard, even their St. Bernard, Fluffers.

The flower garden looked absolutely beautiful and Sherry saw the best spot for the pictures. Mom, Dad and Sherry took a few test shots while Timmy stood to the side making fart noises with his hand in his armpit.

Just then, Fluffers, their dog, ran over to the big evergreen tree on the other side of the yard and started barking like a crazy dog. Curious what Fluffers could be all excited about, Sherry, in her beautiful dress and high heeled strappy shoes, walked over to Fluffers and the tree.

Mom yelled from the other side of the yard, "What do you see Honey?"

"I don't see anything, Mom. Wait, there's something rustling under the tree. It must be a cat. Yeah, it's a cat. A black and white one. Let me shoo it out of here." Sherry said.

"Don't get dirty, Honey!" Mom yelled.

What happened next could only happen in a teenage girls worst nightmare. That was no cat under that tree.

"SHERRY! RUN!" Dad yelled, hoping to stop her in time.

Too late...Sherry had just been sprayed by a SKUNK!

"Beep, Beep!" sounded the horn of the limo that had just pulled up in front.

Timmy, now rolling on the ground, holding his stomach due to the pain all his laughter was causing him, managed to snort out "They're heeeeeeeeeere!...HAHAHA"

~ Author Naji~

Chapter Two

Timmy just could not contain his laughter but stopped short when he saw the LOOK on his father's face!

Fluffers was running around in circles now...he, too, had been "skunked!"

The skunk had departed from the now reeking stench of a yard. Sherry's mother was approaching her...."Sherry are you ok dear?" Sherry was not moving. She stood stiff as a rail and appeared to be in total shock!

"Hello.....where are you people? What is that awful smell?" called out Josh.

Hearing Josh's voice Sherry spun around and looked like a wild woman!

"Don't let them back here" she screamed! Too late! Josh, Dotti and Bruce came into the back yard....all holding their noses and looking perplexed.

Fluffers ran past them and they all realized what had just happened! Josh's face turned white, he almost looked like he was going to pass out from the smell! He spotted Sherry and saw the look on her face and realized she had been "skunked."

Bruce and Dotti, they just couldn't help themselves, burst out laughing hysterically.

Josh told them to shut up and stop it....didn't they see what had happened? The night was ruined...all the plans and money spent was all for nothing!

Sherry's mother and father were now at her side, trying desparately to console her but her weeping was not to be controlled. She looked with sad, loving , mournful eyes at Josh expecting him to come to her and tell her all would be ok. Instead he just ranted on and on that his prom night was ruined.

Bruce and Dotti had finally stopped laughing ...had it been just a nervous reaction? Dotti ran to Sherry and hugged her and said...."Come on get into the house and the tomato juice trick...I will take the limo and go home and get the other gown I was going to is pink and beautiful. We will still make it to the prom."

Bruce agreed that this was a great idea and said he would go get his mother ( a hairdresser) if Sherry's dad would drive him home.

Sherry's parents were so grateful that her friends were so loving and caring. They agreed the plan would work. Suddenly they all turned to look at Josh....who by now...was walking in circles...muttering to himself! Timmy went to him ...he had finally stopped laughing when he saw how angry Josh had gotten...

"Hey's not the end of the world! She can still get prettied up.....well I don't know about pretty ..hahahah (still the ever 12 year old brother) but you guys can still go to the prom."

Josh threw a look at Timmy that made him step back! "Hey, cool it man...what are you nuts?" said Timmy and went to join the others. Josh was now walking towards them, his hands clenched and his jaw set in a terrible hard manner. They all looked at him as if they had never seen him before. He looked like a madman!

Sherry's father stepped in front of her as Josh neared and asked him what was going on. Didn't he realize that a terrible thing had just happened to Sherry and she needed help not anger! "What's with YOU boy? You look as if you were shot! What's with you?"

Josh, in a loud and angry voice. said that Sherry had been stupid and deliberately had ruined his night.....his prom night! Her and stupid pictures in her stupid garden..he knew she'd find a way to spoil his prom night! He hated pink gowns....but she had to have a pink gown...and he went on and on.

Fluffers, who had been rolling on the grass trying to get rid of the smell, was now on a direct path headed for Josh. With a mighty leap he hit Josh square in the chest. Josh flew up and over the bushes that hid the compost pile and landed smack dab in the middle of the pile.

As he rolled over and over his beautiful white jacket was becoming stained from all the various refuse and his screams were like a banshees! He kept slipping and sliding and had a hard time getting to his feet.

Sherry, Timmy, Bruce, Dotti and Sherry's parents were now in the wonderful raptures of laughter! They all headed for the house to follow through on their original plans of getting Sherry done over for the prom leaving Josh standing in the muck and mire of the compost pile!

"Who needs him anyway! Who knew what he was in truth!" " He sure has shown his true .....colors...." said Timmy with a big grin on his face.

  "So it will be the three of us and we will have a grand old time ...right Bruce?" said Dotti.

"For sure....we will do it up right us!"

As the little group, all holding their noses, walked towards the house...Fluffers - still standing guard over Josh - suddenly spun around and ran to the tall hedges which separated the house next door from their yard.

Oh no....could it be another skunk...everyone took off running........but...........................

~Author Mayen~