Chapter One

I always loved it when Pop-Pop came over and spent the night. Not that I didn't love to be read to by mommy and daddy....but Pop-Pop's stories....well, he never read them out of a book....he just 'told' them....wonder how he remembered all those stories!

Then he would let out a big laugh, kiss me on my forehead, and whisper 'Nitey Nite Little Johnny...I love ya, buddy"....and tuck me in tight!

Tonight's story....hmmmmm.....wonder if that one was true. How could it be? Wonder if a man could really ride around on a horse.... without a head! Where would he breath from? How could he see where he was going? And those sounds he made.....wonder where they came from!

I'm usually always sleepy after Pop-Pop's stories....but tonight....for some reason....I just can't seem to close my eyes!

Uh-oh! What was that! Jeeeez....I wish Pop-Pop hadn't closed the door all the way....mommy and daddy always leave it open just a little bit, so the hall light shined in a little. It's SO dark in here! And those Pokemon men on the wall....they look a little different!

Uh-oh! There it is again! That sound! What could it be?

POP-POP......POP-POP! Would you come back up here a minute?.....oh he comes up the stairs.

The door opened, and Pop-Pop could see Little Johnny's eyes WIDE open.....he could tell by the frantic tone of the little child's voice, that it was urgent.

"What's the matter, little buddy?" Pop-Pop asked in his most comforting tone.

"Please sit here with me awhile....I keep hearing a noise, and......There! Did you hear it? Did you? What -was- that?"

Pop-Pop replied...."Oh, that's.....

~ Author Penny ~

Chapter Two

"Oh that's.........................just nothing...........I think?" "Pop Pop are you sure?" Well, Pop Pop said he really didn't hear it too well! "There it is again!" Oh boy I was really getting scared! But Pop Pop said to go to sleep and just ignore the noise was just probably the boiler turning on.

Pop Pop tucked me in real tight and kissed me good nite again and this time I asked him to please leave the door cracked a bit so the hall light would shine in. He blew me a kiss as he left the room. I guess I felt better because I think I fell right asleep.

I jumped right up......I kicked and kicked the blankets off... Pop Pop had REALLY tucked them in so right! I turned on my light and I was shaking and sweating.....I put the big light on too. I was SO sure that someone had been standing over me and staring at me....he was breathing heavy and I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face.....I guess that's what woke me up. You all have had that sense that someone was watching you...haven't you?

I didn't want to act like a baby so I didn't call out to Pop Pop or Noonie.......they would be sound asleep now and they always tell me I am their "big boy" now. I opened the closet door and reached in .....very gingerly....and grabbed my baseball bat and decided to take the ball too in case I had to throw it at whoever was in my room. Suddenly my jacket moved in the closet and I jumped back and yelled out.......I slammed the closet door! I thought my eyes would bulge out of my head and my heart was beating so hard I thought I would just drop dead!

Noonie called out and asked..."Johnnie what's the matter? Do you need Pop Pop? We have to get up so must be having a dream but if you need Pop Pop......"   I told her no that I was all right!   I wasn't! But I didn't want to keep them up!

I backed away from the closet....keeping my eyes on it to be sure it wasn't opening....oh why did Pop Pop tell me that darn story!   I bend down and took the bat and swung it all around under my bed......nothing....whew.....relieved! I climbed back into bed.....I kept telling myself that it must have been a dream and maybe I hit my jacket by mistake and made it move. I almost believed that but kept my eyes on the closet door and didn't shut the lights off.

I guess I finally fell asleep again ........holding my bat and ball...............Bam! Bam! Bam! Bump, bump, bump!!!!!!!!! I screamed and jumped up......I knew I heard the noise....I knew I felt that warmth again on my face....I JUST KNEW IT......I WASN'T DREAMING......THE LIGHTS WERE ALL OUT......OH MY GOD....................NOOOOOOOOOOOO...........

~ Author Mayen ~

Chapter Three

"Pop Pop! I need you NOW!!!", Johnny screamed.

Charles and Debra Halloway knew from the sound of they're precious grandsons voice that something was terribly wrong. Charles was wide awake in a flash. He threw back the comforter and make a dash to they're spare bedroom without even taking the time to put on his slippers. Debra was close behind him as he reached the closed door. It was closed locked from the inside! And from looking at the crack under the door, it was clear that all the lights were out in the room as well.

"Johnny! Johnny, open the door son!", Charles shouted franticly. The door lock was one of the old kind that fit a skelton key. Charles raced back to the bedroom to get the spare key while Debra kept franticly calling for they're young grandchild to open the door. Behind the nicely finished heavy white door Debra could hear the sobbing of a very frightened little boy.

Finally Charles ran up the hallway. He was winded but his only concern with getting the door open as he fumbled at the lock. The seconds ticked by for what seemed like an eternity but then the old lock gave in and the door creaked open. Charles couldn't bare to push the door wide. They were both much to afraid of what they would find. As the door slowly opened the shock that they're fears were very well grounded swept over them as the room came into full view...

Johnny was sitting up on the bed. His eyes wide with fear. There next to him was the slender figure of man. But, couldn't be a man. It was far too slender and dark and it seemed to...shift and shimmer in the weak light filtering in from the hallway. And.!!!

~ Author Michael ~

Chapter Four

Johnny tore his eyes from the figure to glance toward his grandparents who were frantically whispering loudly to each other, however, he could not make out what they were saying.

"Damn you, Charles!"

" I thought it would be ok, Debra!"

  "You thought? If you thought Charles...."

"But its been years, Debra, since the last time!

" You think 'years' make a difference? Charles, my beloved old fool! Three hundred , nine hundred, what difference in the span of eternity?????"

"Debra, in the name of the unnamed, I swear I never realized this would happen! How can we stop it now that its been set in motion?"

"Good grief, Charles! Look at our grandson! He's terrified! We're just going to have to blurt the truth to steady him & hope he can focus!"

"You mean tell him......"

~ Author Witchway ~