Chapter One

Well, there they all go! What a very long day it has been. Actually it has been a long lifetime! As I lie on the grass I see the butterflies floating nearby.......oh how we enjoyed going to the Butterfly House. We would pack a lunch and sit for hours watching them. We were always so close. I lay here wondering how different my life would have been had I not made that choice so many years ago.

Tomorrow I shall go to the sea and walk the sand along the water's edge. We always did that in the Fall and the Spring. And even sometimes in the winter but never, ever in the Summer. We felt there were too many people around and that would spoil our reverie and the joy of being together.

Next week I think I shall drive up to Ossippee and see if our stone pit is still there. I shall climb to the top of the hill and see if I still have the courage to jump from the cliff into that cold rushing stream. Oh my, how we loved to do that and then towel off and have our wine, cheese and bread. And then after..................oh how sweet it was.....those days of our youth.

As I walk the path back to our home I find that I am freer than I have been for months. Is it the sweet memories of our life or is it that I have finally heard the final words of love? "I shall always love you, I have loved you since we were 10. I shall never leave you in spirit. I shall always been with you and in your heart but you must go on and enjoy the sweetness of life. Teach the grandchildren as you taught our children, and as you taught me to embrace life to it's fullest and to live each day with joy and share your love and tenderness for it is always returned two-fold'.

Although it is late September I tug and pull the mattress off the bed and haul it onto the sleeping porch. I gather the bedding and hunt for the down comforter. Oh how we loved sleeping out here in our youth......sometimes even into late November for we were never chilled as our love and passion was there to keep us warm.

I curl up and snuggle with Bobby's pillow. I can still smell the Stetson. Sigh, my eyes are tired , I shall rest for a while.

Ping, ping ping! "Bobby you stop that right now! You are gonna break the window and then Dada will be furious with you again!" "Come on out Marlie, let's go fishing!" "You know I can't go alone with you. I can't go fishing without a big person until I am 12"!

"Just wait until you grow up Marlie.....

~Author Mayen~

Chapter Two

Bobby knew at a tender young age that he would spend the rest of his life with Marlie.   It was never anything that had to be said, they both just knew it. She was the first thing he thought of when he opened his eyes in the morning. What can 'we' do today? He never thought of himself in the singular. seemed like all of a sudden.....Marlie started to change! My God! Can this get any better? She was 14 now, and her girlish figure was starting to bloom....driving Bobby crazy.

They were holding hands more and more now. One day, down at the fishing hole.....yes, they could finally go fishing together without a big person......Bobby stood behind Marlie to show her how to hold the fishing if she needed instructions! But she knew exactly what he was doing, and why....because she was longing for the same thing he was!

He kept pussy-footing around, so finally Marlie just turned around and planted a big kiss....right on Bobby's mouth! It was a little awkward at first, but they both finally got the hang of it....and then just couldn't stop!

The kissing went on and on.....and Bobby tried his best to get just a little touch of her womanly curves!

'Bobby! Now you just quit that! ' she teased him. "You know we can't do 'that' ....everyone would surely know!"

They were inseparable....and most of their dates ended up in the backseat of the 57 Chevy, steaming up the windows!

    Marlie knew the power she held over him.....and how easy it was to make him surrender to her. And Bobby knew he never wanted to be anywhere else....other than in Marlie's arms........

Ahhh....the sweet surrender!

~Author Penny~

Chapter Three

What?!? Marlie woke up with a start! "What was that?" she thought, knocking Bobby's pillow to the ground in her effort to get up.

"Scritch, scritch, scritch." There it was again. Marlie walked to the source of the sound.

Walking to the front door, just as she was about to open it... she heard it again. "Scritch, scritch,scritch." Opening the door, Marlie saw what HAD to be the largest cat in the world. Calico, with the most beautiful markings she ever saw.

"What a beautiful kitty your are." Marlie said. The cat,with burning intelligence in her burnished gold eye's, tilted her head and said quite politely and clearly... "Meow?".

Marlie chuckled, "why" she thought, "you couldn't ask any clearer to come in. Why not? She was alone anyways, it might be nice to spend the night with a new friend."

So thinking this, Marlie opened the door and let in this large, beautiful, clearly intelligent cat.

"Come on you sweet thing, let's feed you something." Marlie started walking towards the kitchen, with her new friend right behind her.

~Author Marie~