Chapter One

"Rinnnng, Rinnnng!"

Sue jumped out of bed to grab the phone before it stopped ringing.

"Who on earth would be calling me this early?" she thought to herself.

"Hello?" Sue said in her scratchy morning voice as she put the receiver to her ear.

"Hi! Are you Sue?" said the almost too cheerful man on the other end of the line.

"Yeah, this is Sue, who are you?"

"Well Sue, apparently you entered our companies' sweepstakes last September and you have been chosen our GRAND PRIZE WINNER!"

"Is this a joke?" Sue smirked back with deep annoyance from having been woken up from the best nights sleep she had been having in a long time.

"This is no joke!...You've won!" the overly excited voice said.

Sue was basically still half asleep and not fully absorbing what was happening to her. She hadn't even had coffee or logged on to her Webtv to check her email or favorite news group yet. But then it finally occurred to her to ask what she had won.

Completely expecting to hear she had won some kind of new cook ware or a washing machine, the voice on the phone said "You have won a Cruise for you and 40 of your closest friends! You and 40 of your friends will be flown to Floridas coast to meet the ship!"

"OH MY GOD!..Yippee! Holy Cow! I don't believe it!" Sue screamed in excited disbelief.

"We will be sending you the release forms by overnight air and in the mean time, you start choosing 40 of your friends for the trip. The cruise is in 1 week."

"WOOOO HOOO! Thank you! I'll get right on it" Sue replied, and hung up the phone to start her guest list.

Sue grabbed a scratch pad and started scribbling down names. After 2 hours of deep thought, she was stumped. She could only think of 15 people that she would actually want to be on a ship for a whole week with. Where would she find 25 more people?

"I got it! My WebTV friends from! I better go log on and find out who wants to go! We'll all get to meet!"

~Author Naji~

Chapter Two

So Sue hurried through her morning shower, had some breakfast and made a LARGE cup of coffee! With shaking, excited fingers, she logged on.

My God!, "she thought to herself." This is TO unreal! I can hardly stand this.

Finally webtv connected and she promptly went went to her social NG.

I WON FREE CRUISE! was her subject line. Sue then proceeded to write this...

You all are NOT going to believe this! I won a free cruise for myself and 40 friends. I could only think of 15, so I have open spots available for 25 more. WHO WANTS TO GO ON THIS CRUISE WITH ME! Can you believe it? We can finally meet, and on a cruise of all places! It's 2 months from now, and it's a cruise from California to Hawaii, with a 7 day layover on the Big Island! Hotel, food and car rental....FREE! For us all! Whoever is interested, please post a response in this thread. Well talk about it. OMG! I am SO darned excited!!! Sue

I hope someone answers quickly, "she thought." I have to go to work soon. Damn!, "she thought."

Who's that pounding on the door? Sue put down the keyboard and walked to the door, looking through the peep hole, and she couldn't could see anyone.



Jumping back from the door, startled, and with knees shaking, she gathered up her courage and breath. She, with a deep voice as possible, yelled through the door, "WHO IS IT?! I HAVE A SHOTGUN, AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!"

~Author Marie~

Chapter Three

"Hello miss....." the voice on the other side of the door responds. " I have some forms here for you to sign."

"Let me see some ID." says Sue

Through the peek hole she checks the ID, but still is reluctant to open the door. Is it a package containing forms for a trip to Floridas coast?

Sue starts to think to herself. Oh my god!! That's right, she won a trip to Florida not Hawaii. She was so sleepy when she took the call she had got confused. I have to go back to the newsgroup and correct my post.

Wait a minute, the guy on the phone said the forms would arrive by overnite air. These forms are here in a couple of hours? Sue begins to get suspicious and also a bit nervous. Maybe I should call the police, but what would I tell them?

She hears a noise and turns to see a large knife in the delivery mans hands.

~Author Becky~

Chapter Four

Sue chuckles to herself, thinking, "HAH!! He doesn't know who he's dealing with."

Flashing back to yee old days on the farm. Chopping up steer, stem to stern. No problem here. He'd better watch himself. Trying not to burst out laughing, yet her bemused look shocks Mack The Knifer. Still, Sue wishes she had a nice Saint Bernard like Beethoven to back her up.

"Sue" "Sue-Sue" comes the--weirdest- voice from the side family room.

Macker's eyes get wider and wider. "Ooops!", he thinks. "Bad timing. Somebody else is home. And it's a, it's a..???"

"Maybe that Cocatoo was worth a thousand dollars after all", Sue thinks as she smartly....

~Author Barbara~

Chapter Five

prompted the bird. "Louder you dumb twit" she whispered to the cockatoo. "Louder!" The bird just cocked it's head and looked at her.

"Hurry up lady, do you want this trip or not?" Mack The Knifer whined. "I ain't got all day ya know?"

Sue stuck her eye up to the peep hole again. "Gee he looks legit, he has the uniform, the I.D. and everything" she argued with herself. "But the knife, the knife".

Just then something caught her eye. A white van pulled past the limited view of the peephole. After squinting a little harder she could make out some of the letters on the side of the van. P..R..I was all that she could read of the first line. Her vision then focused on the second.

"P...A..T" she read aloud.

Just then the van burst open and Sue could see a flurry of activity. People running toward her house carrying balloons and a huge cake. Her fears were immediately aleaved. Sue let out a huge sigh of relief and slowly opened the door. "It's about time lady" Mack The Knifer said. Sue's lawn was suddenly blanketed with people. News media, neighbors and of course the Prize Patrol en masse. After the preliminary introductions, photo ops, and the cake was cut (by Mack of course) the details of the cruise were laid out. Sue and her happy clan are to meet in Florida, in Miami, at the Waldorf no less and set sail.

The cruise would start in Florida set sail for Ireland. "This is gonna be the greatest trip ever!" thought Sue. "Imagine being in Ireland for St. Patricks Day. I wonder if I'll meet a Leprechaun?" Sue mused. "After all, this is gonna be one magical trip"............

~Author Slo~

Chapter Six

The lobby of the Waldorf was buzzing! old habits die hard. as people checked in they were identifying themselves by their more familiar nics.

The excitement was electyfying! dinner was a merry mix of tech talk and the fantastic journey about to unfold. later, finally Michael said "Were embarking in 7 hours! I for need some rest". one by one the group broke up and went off to their respective posh rooms.

Witchy and Marlene were still discussing where the best places would be to spot faeries & leprechauns.

"The mounds fer sure!"

Morning arrived blessed by the beautiful Florida sunrise, which no one was awake to enjoy.meeting time to leave for the dock was 11am.

"Well! here we go everyone" shouted Sue,"Ireland look out! here we come!"

~Author Witchyway~

Chapter Seven

So far everything has run smoothly, the cruise has been so wonderful, seas calm, the "gang" has been just enthralled by the beauty of it all, especially the MA folks who are hearing about the wicked blizzard occurring back home!

Sue cannot get over how appreciative the "social' friends are! The hugs and kisses and thank you's have made this trip even more exceptional. "I thought I had an affection for all of these people, but now I can see how just wonderful they are and I just love 'em all", she thought to herself.

Slo and Michael had rounded up a group to pay shuffleboard, others were EATING once again, some were just sunning or having a water volleyball game in the ship's pool. Naji and Becky were wondering where Witchy and Mayen had disappeared.....those two hot ducks have had their noses in the map of Ireland for days. "Can you believe those two? They REALLY believe in those faeries and leprechauns! I swear they're "not right"!

Witchy and Mayen had finally found the area near Macroom where Mayen said HIMSELF swore he had seen a leprechaun on one of his early morning walks years ago.   Mayen was checking her Travel Diary of Ireland looking to see about what time of the morning HIMSELF said he had seen the leprechaun. "Oh my gawd", gasped Mayen, "what in the world is this?" Witchy was stunned when she looked at the page Mayen had open!

There, on the corner of the page was the tiniest faerie, her colors were so beautiful and shimmering that one couldn't even begin to describe them. As they both stared at this phenomenon, the faerie's wand began to print out words!!

"Be ye of faith trust in ye celtic beings!" "Huh, what the devil does that mean?" says Witchy! "Shhh they hate the devil don't say his name"   Mayen says.

The little faerie was now fluttering around their stateroom and both of them were thinking that maybe they had too many Mimosa's that morning and they were hallucinating.

Back to the page the little faerie went and, once again, with her wand began to write. "Be ye not afraid for HIMSELF's guardian spirit is here with ye!" "Believe as you have never believed before".

Suddenly the ship's bells were ringing and clanging and the girls could hear screaming from all over the ship! They ran to the porthole and what they saw drained them from head to toe! A ROGUE WAVE!!!!

They found the gang all huddled together in the dining room, holding hands , frightened to death! All the other people on board were in shock as well. Witchy looked to make sure everyone was together! "Where in the world is Slo and Norm? " Michael told her they were on deck taking pictures! "Are they nuts?" was the remark made in unison! Mayen was quiet, everyone knew she hated this trip......her fear of the ocean almost kept her home but something within her had literally "forced" her to make this trip!

Witchy was watching her and saw something in her eyes that almost scared her! "Am I going crazy? I swear I see that faerie and, and, oh now I know I am losing it! I see a leprechaun too?"

Mayen took Witchy's hand and started to gather everyone closer and got them to form a huge circle. Witchy was so relieved as she saw Norm and Slo heading their way. Somehow Witchy knew what she should do! Together they worked their way into the middle of the gang. Mayen looked at Norm and Slo and Michael and suddenly they began to circle the group and as they passed the people on the outside of the circle they lightly touched people as if they had a wand in their hand. Witchy and Mayen were doing the same thing within the circle!

The ship was lurching in every direction possible. Were we doomed? Sue thought "Oh what a great friend I am.......I've brought all these wonderful people on a trip to hell!" "Shhh, mind your thoughts", said Mayen.

By now everyone was wondering if their fear was making them lose it. They all swore they were seeing the faerie and leprechaun in Mayen's eyes.............AND now in Witchy's. Slo's, Norm's and Michael's !!!

Suddenly, in a thick brogue and in a voice almost spiritual, Mayen spoke.

"Be ye of faith, believe in what ye see and ye shall see the glory of our wee spot of Heaven with all it's wonder !" Witchy began to spin and spin and when she stopped she screamed....."DO IT NOW!" And as if the group had practiced together all of their lives, they began to dance the JIG!!

Suddenly the ship stopped lurching and everything became quiet and calm. "It is over?" everyone asked the Captain as he entered the dining room.

"It's over, the sun is out, the sea is calm and I need help! I swear, just as the wave was upon us, I saw a leprechaun dive into the heart of the wave and a little shimmering faerie waving her wand and it stopped in it's tracks and rolled BACKWARDS until it was gone"!

The group all turned and looked at Mayen...she was grinning away, she winked at Witchy, they looked at Naji and Becky and in unison they said:

"We're "not right" eh? Now aren't you all glad we're NOT"!!

~Author Mayen~