Chapter One

"I told you it wouldn't work with that kind of program", said Roger to Joe as they were leaving the lab.

"I know you told me but, I thought it would work", said Joe, as he walked right into their boss, Lyla.

  "What's the matter boys", questioned Lyla,"? "You aren't giving up yet are you", she teased. Without these two "brains" she would never get the job finished up in time and she had her orders that they only had three more weeks left.

   "Well", said Joe, " I thought we could use the thamagram to move up the motion of the new trigger for the balance neuron but it doesn't work".

 Lyla looked at the two and said, "get back to the drawing board then and come up with another idea".

" We are going right back to it after we have a cup of quinlo", said Roger.

"See that you do", Lyla said over her shoulder as she was walking away. The two looked after her, as she walked down the corridor, to watch her tall slender body as she seemed to glide rather than walk . She was a beautiful woman with her long dark hair softly curled under at her lower  back, her bright green eyes seemed to look into the very soul of a man.

   "Are we ever going to get this job finished up in time" Lyla asked herself ? She hurried back to her office to see if George had called yet

  "Did I get any calls while I was out Fay" ? Fay looked up from the keyboard and said, "no, HE didn't call".

"Oh, you, I ought to fire you", laughed Lyla.

Fay laughed also, "Yeah right, and then who would you get to take your calls and answer your email and all the other stuff I do around here?"

"Oh, I would FIND some one I'm sure", joked Lyla as she went into her office.   Lyla went straight to her desk to look over her notes for her two o'clock meeting. There were going to be some very powerful people in that meeting and she wanted to be ready for any questions that they could come up with. She took off her dark blue tailored jacket and got up to place it on the big white overstuffed sofa. Just as she was about to turn back towards her desk there came a knock at the door.

"Excuse me Lyla, said Fay cracking the door open just a bit, but there is someone here to see you , I told him that you were very busy but he wouldn't take no for an answer."

  "Who is it Fay?" asked Lyla as she began to grab her jacket up again?

"Well, that's another thing, he doesn't want to give out his name either." sighed Fay.

  "Then why in the world are you telling me, just tell him to go away" said Lyla.

Fay quietly shut the door and leaned up against it and said to Lyla, "You have GOT to see this man Lyla, he is the most handsome man I have ever seen in my entire life."

"Oh Fay, now you really don't mean to say that I should see this man just because he is handsome?"

"Yes, I do mean that Lyla, I don't care, how many times do either one of us run across a man that is, that is, well heck, I will just say it, beautiful", said Fay, a little more loud than she meant to.

"Beautiful", whispered Lyla? 

"Yes, B-E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L_L", said Fay.

"Well, send him in then Fay, I sure wouldn't want to ruin your day, "  chuckled Lyla.    

Back in the lab Joe and Roger were busy working again after a short break. "Can you believe that they only gave us three weeks to finish this project? " asked Roger.

"Yes, I can, because you and I both know how important this is", answered Joe.

"I don't think they have to work us fourteen hours a day, do you" asked Roger?

"Well, we could always get two guys that would run to work here in a flash if you two want to ever leave, said George", as he walked in the door.

"We didn't see you Mr. Craig," said Joe.

"Oh, I thought I would come by to see how things were going before the big meeting this afternoon," answered George.  

"These two young men were the smartest people in this company but they had no common sense which you could tell after only talking to them for a short time, but they were the best in their field and George and every one in the head office knew it, but there was no use in letting them know it ", thought George.

"Do you think that they will give us more time", asked Joe. George looked  down at Joe, knowing that they knew as well as everyone else that the three week deadline was all they had. George just shook his head no, and walked out.

~Author Sheila~

Chapter Two

Lyla invited the mysterious man into her office, leaving the door open a crack, and walked to her desk. She immediately put on her professional demeanor and came right to the point.

"Sir, I don't know who you are but this is a very busy lab and we have much work to do before our deadline so if you will just come to the poin...."

"You will meet you deadline for Christmas Miss Pomel", the man interrupted. His voice was quite soothing. Quiet yet firm. She was startled.

" could you know anything about the internal workings of this lab Sir?", Lyla tried her best to put forward a firm and professional voice. "Who are you?"

The man, who was indeed quite attractive, settled quickly onto the sofa. "Miss Pomel" he spoke, "I know a great deal about your experiments. The work on using nano technology to repair damage nerve fibers and also your hidden agenda. The work with the brain and human consciousness itself. You are correct, Miss Pomel, in your theories that time is not a river as is the common preconception but a pool. All here at the same...area. The consciousness is able to filter out everything but the present moment. But your work has changed all of that. Through the use of nano machines you will allow the 'filters' of the mind to be opened. Your first successful experiment will be completed this December 24th....on you. It has brought your work to our attention....", The man broke off allowing Lyla to absorb what she had just heard.

"Roger! I do believe we are on to something this time", Joe said, pushing up his black rimed spectacles which had the annoying habit of constantly riding down on the bridge of his nose.

"Yes, I do think your right, Joe.', Roger tinkered with some of the tangle of equipment laid out on the large stainless steel table set before them. "But there's no way to ever know for certain without involving a human subject." He leaned over and whispered. "Since the whole subject of the experiment is the human conscious. Theres just no time to set up the proper procedure before the deadline!"

Lyla stood and quickly went to the door of her office where her ever watchful secretary Fay was pretending to be emptying the trash.

"Fay", she spoke rather hurriedly. "Will you get us a cup of coffee please", She quickly shut the door and turned to her handsome visiter. "All right. I want to know who you are, how you have this information, and who is leaking it...NOW!"

The attractive man stood. He spoke in his soothing voice., "Miss Pumel. What you fail to understand is that tampering with the human mind not only effects space and time but also the very fabric of reality itself. Your about to open a door that you may not be prepared to walk through. You want to know who I am? I think it better if a just show you!", They tall handsome man stood near her. He quickly reached behind him and pulled on a hidden zipper. The handsome man costume slid off and folded to the floor revealing a short fat little man in a heavy white beard and a oversized red an white suit with black boots., "I Miss Pomel"..., he spoke with a flourish, "..I am Santa Claus!"

Lyla fainted and fell to the sofa.

~Author Michael~