STS 107 Space Shuttle-Columbia Remembered

Challenger Crew Members


High Flight

Oh! I have Slipped the Surly Bonds of Earth.

And Lanced the Skies on Laughter-Silvered Wings;

Sunward I've Climbed, and Joined the Lumbling Mirth.

Of Sun-Split Clouds - and Done a Hundred Things..

You have not Dreamed of - Wheeled and Soared and Swung.

High in the Sunlit Silence.

I've Chased the Shouting Wind Along, and Flung.

My Eager Craft Through footless Halls of Air.

Up, Up the Long, Delirious, Burning Blue.

I've Topped the Wind-Swept Heights with Easy Grace.

Where never Lark, or even Eagle Flew.

And, while with Silent lifting Mind I've Trod,

The High untrespassed Sanctity of Space,

Put out my Hand and Touched the Face of God.,

Colonel Rick Douglas Husband
U.S. Air Force Fighter / Test Pilot
Shuttle Commander

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Captain. David M. Brown, MD
U.S. Navy Naval Aviator / Flight Surgeon
Chief Medical, Science Officer

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Commander William C. Mccool
U.S. Navy Naval Aviator Fighter / Test Pilot
CoPilot, Misson Specialist

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Commander Laurel Blair Salton Clark MD
U.S. Navy Flight Surgeon / Navy Diver
Medical, Science Officer

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Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Anderson
U.S. Air Force
Mission Specialist, Flight Support

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Colonel IIar Ramon
Israeli Air Force Fighter / Test Pilot
Mission Specialist PayLoad Specialist

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Dr. Kalpana Chawla PH.D.
Mission Specialist
Science Officer