Nicholas J. Forlano

Gunners-Mate 2ndClass U.S.N.

USS Independence CVL-22-CTG-38-2

June 27th. thru October 17th. 1944 !

Bad time, dropping flares all about us, but attacks aren't synchronized and flares burn out just in time. Can read a newspaper on the flight deck.
AA Cruisers and Battle Wagons sure threw up flack. really a sight. Most excitement since being out.

October 13th.

Indy planes made a hicklen raid on Formosa at 0330, 0800 they just returned. They got 3 Japs as well as grounding their other planes. Radio Tokyo says they sunk, 1 Carrier, 1 Battle Wagon and damaged 2 others, Boloney, take it from me.
Admitted they lost some planes. Looks like another typhoon. One more day and we'll be leaving.
Tonight during the attack Canberra was hit She got a couple Frances before the fish got her.

October 14th.

We strike Formosa again. Covering the retreat of the Canberra, Houston and Cabot. At 1500 we were attacked by enemy planes.
A can got one just off our stbd beam. Aux. Planes shot 8 down. Secured for a few minutes and them again attacked by planes. In two hours of their attacks our planes and ships got 43 Jap planes.
We had three separate G.Q.'s this Aft. and Eve. Right now we are 15 miles away from launching our nite chickens for the protection of T.F., New Jersey really through up some the flack.
Halsey, on the New Jersey had intercepted a Jap msgs. and would tell us when the Japs were starting out.
Way ahead of the ball.

October 15th.

We are in the process of setting a trap for the Jap fleet. Canberra force is to be the decoy, to drew them out of their holes. then we will cut up behind the in the north and close the trap.
At this time we are exposing Canberra,Cabot and Houston in order to capitalize at the expense of the Japs. Hope it works.
Today we are refueling in anticipation of ship to ship action. Late last night had a G.Q. making it fourteen in four days.
Our planes went up and drove them off. Later on in the morning one of our pilots got 2 four motored flying boats. That's makes six for him. last night were bothered by a light in the water about 75 yards off our stbd bow.
It flashed off and on. Never did find out what it was.
Got replacments also a pat on the back by ADM.-CTG-38 well done. " For a little man you had a big day."

October 17th.,End of Journal

Our 112th day out here. Something is in the air. Can feel it.
Plans to hit Philippines today were cancelled because of reports Jap fleet is coming out to fight. Jap planes attacked Canberra, Cabot.
They are falling into our trap, I hope. We are just calling around in preparation for what may come.
In this group we have 17 carriers besides BattleShips, light and heavy Cruisers and Cans.
Things should be popping soon.
End of Journal