You can do many different styles using the translate option. It moves your drawing to the side either left or right using the number, in this case 10 and then a -10. You start out with the oval in the center then with the Translate number you use, it moves it to one side and the minus number moves it to the other.

For printer's convenience: Here's the parrot jpg you may use:

Start with a background of 350x350. If you go to Input at I.M. when you click it on, scroll down to make your bg using the size and to the right scroll down to XC and in the box put in None for a transparent bg or White for the one you need for this tute.

Step 1. Now with your white background you now go to Draw and click on Ellipse: numbers are: 175,175 120,150 0,360 Stroke Color #9c8c59 Stroke Width 2 You now have an ellipse in the center.

Step 2. Now leave everything the same as before for the ellipse and scroll down to the "translate box" erase what's there and use -10 Click on Draw

Step 3. Once again same coordinates but change number to 10 in "Translate" (it was minus 10 before) You now have 2 sections on each side of middle

Step 4. Matte out between the 4 framing sections to put in the background, using Floodfill and Matte click between each of the 4 sections.


Step 5. Go to Composite with above background, using +0+0 Center Dstover and Misc

Step 6. Next go to Composite with the parrot url and use +0+0 Center and use Dstover only (take out that Misc checkmark)

actual size=350x350

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Revised - June 18, 2009