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This is where you're going to find a listing of my websites with a brief description of what you'll find there. If you do get lost, you will find a link back to this site directory at the bottom of each site's main page.

I'm glad that you've come for a visit and hope you enjoy your journey through my pages. May God bless you with His peace today, and always. ~Marvaline

REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE - This is my Christian site. Here you will find poetry and writings to enjoy and share the greatness of God. It is my earnest prayer that you will find hope and encouraging evidence here of just how much you are loved. I'm not perfect, but I can tell you that Lord Jesus is the real deal. And I am so grateful to be able to share Him with you.

CURIOUS DELIGHTS - This site is all about our furry family members. You will find bios on our pets, pet poetry, writings, resources, and of course our Rainbow Bridge that includes family and friends. This site is a remake of Krystal's Diary, originally published in 2000. If you're a pet lover like we are..., you will really enjoy this site.

HEARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS - This is our PSP graphics site. You'll find cool graphics, tile backgrounds, background sets, tags, dividers, word art, fonts, tools, resources and more. Everything found here is freely shared with you in the hope that it will enhance your own creative experience.

THE CHRISTMAS COTTAGE - Christmas is my favorite holiday. We have a bunch of Christmas graphics, backgrounds, tags, recipes, dividers, email sigs, word puzzles, fonts, ecards, holiday phrases and more. We have the Story of Jesus Birth in small segments for the kids and inspirational pages to share. This site is all about Christmas and designed to put you right into the spirit of this wonderful holiday!

WHISPERS OF WORSHIP - This is my christian email sigs and greeting page site. The sigs are CCP specifically designed for Webtv users. However, anyone can use them if you can get them to work. Some folks use them for their webpage design and that's okay, too. (grin)

HEART PRINTS - This is my Ecard site. I love making cards that contain a small message but makes a big statement. Cards are designed so that you can just 'click and send' to your friends when you're thinking about them. Other uses might include using them for you email sigs, your CCP sig sites, and webpages. Don't be shy, help yourself.

LET'S CHAT - This page has no specific subject matter. It's made up of things I've come across that I just enjoy and didn't fall under any of my other categories. So, get yourself a cup of coffee and relax for awhile. Enjoy your visit. God bless you today and always! ~Marvaline

WHISPERED WINDS - I am sure that many of you are already familiar with this site belonging to Mary Silva. Beautiful poems and writings with her thoughts on different matters. Mary's work centers around our Lord, faith, love for one another and so much more. She and I were very close and I promised to keep her site on the internet for as long as I am on the internet. Mary was received by our Lord January 27, 2013 but her poems and thoughts will remain as long as the Lord intends. Enjoy her wonderful work. It is very heart felt, down to earth, and inspiring.

HEAVEN'S HEART - This site is all about the beautiful Christian poetry written by my friend Jack Young. Jack has given me permission to share his poems in this way. I find Jack's poems very inspiring and I've really been blessed by his work. Without the generousity of Jack's heart these pages would not be possible.

HOPE'S MAGICAL MOMENTS - This site is a special page of graphics made by my dear friend Hope. She is no longer creating and has asked me to make these graphics available to you for your use. Here you will find blinkies, animated dollies, along with some very beautiful cards and tags. She was a wonderful, giving person, and had a very special talent that I know you will enjoy.

PURE LOVE - This site is all about the poems and writings by my treasured friend MaryAnn known as CountryLady. You'll find that her writings are inspiring as it displays her strong faith in God as she shares her ongoing struggle with MS. MaryAnn was very passionate about the love of Christ, and creating her webpages was a way of fulfilling that destiny in her life. (NOTE WEBTV USER: You may click here for easier page loading.)

SIMPLY THE BEST, GREAT LINKS - These sites are great and worth every minute you'll spend there. This page includes those folks I call my friends and where I like to go to relax. It also includes some sites that I use when creating my own webpages. Be sure to check 'em out.

ALITTLE ABOUT ME - My name is Marvaline and I am the hostess of these sites. This page is alittle more about me - who I am behind this website. Plus that, I always have something more to say. (giggle)

AWARDS RECEIVED - Oh my, the awards we've received over the years has been very humbling. Whenever we receive an award we are very encouraged, and have never taken them for granted. Each and every one is appreciated and has been kept. Over the years some of the sites have gone off line, but we have included the links where possible. Thank you, everyone!

MY MIDI STASH - Lots of Midi Links here including Christian Midi Links. Some sites allow direct linking. I do apologize that this page does need to be updated; which I plan to do. In the meantime, there are still some good links here.

Midi: "Ahead Of Us" Compliments of Dolphin Dreams
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