Hi! It's me, Fifi!!! I have an AMAZING story to tell you!!! Well, maybe it isn't that amazing. Mommy and Daddy laugh and laugh at me and I have no idea why. You see, there is a GIANT lizard living in my home. I am a mean attack dog and I hunt it out and ATTACK!!!!


First I run and grab the lizard.


Then I run through the house with the monster in my mouth.


.....and then (this seems to be the moment Mommy and Daddy loose all their composure and start laughing and laughing) I give it a good shake and fling it through the air!


Where did it go? Where did it go? (Why are they laughing at me?? This is serious business!!) There it is!!!!! POUNCE!!!!


Then, last, but not least, I rest a bit and make that mean ole lizard cry. Then I start all over again. Now do you see anything funny in that?