HI, My name is Fifi. Shhhhh.... be quiet. Don't tell my Mommy I'm over here, OK? She is always trying to keep an eye on me. You see, this is the story. I was cold, OK? I'm just a little thing. Not even five pounds yet and haven't seen one of those things you call a birthday either. Well, I had followed Mommy into the kichen (Ok, I admit I'm a lunch mouth) and all of a sudden this nice warm air started blowing up from the floor. I mean, WOW, was it nice!!!! So I stood there, warming one side, when Mommy had to go and get the camera. Geeeze...Well, I might as well ham it up a little. First this side, next the other, and then PLOP!!! I layed right on the thing! Didn't do much for my hair but I hope I can find that place after my bath!. And then......wait??? What did I hear? Mommy is opening the jar of treats!!!! Hmmmm, I'll see you later.....MOMMY DEAREST, I'M OVER HERE!!!


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