When you see this dogbone, click on it and it will take you to a bigger picture

Hello, or should I say "WOOF!?" My name is Fifi. I am a Yorkshire Terrier. I was born June 17, 2000. I came to live with my Mommy and Daddy Febuary 20, 2001. I have a legand to live up to. My big brother Wesley.

If you'd like, you can go visit his pages. I understand he was a fantastic Doggy. My pawprint will never be as big as his, but what do you expect? I'm just a little girl! Click on the bone here to visit his many pages!! Meanwhile, here is the first picture taken of me.


I'm just a little thing, or at least that is what my Mommy says. I don't even weigh five pounds! I can be picked up with one hand. Here is another picture of me. There will be lots of pictures!


I have an even bigger brother. It's not fair, he can wander around outside and I can't. I don't really think that is right! Mommy says it is because I am so tiny. Take a look at Willie and me.

I love to sit in the window and watch Daddy and Willie outside.

I am a very busy little girl and I'm still under a year old, so I get sleepy a lot. Take a look on this page here.

Mommy has some pictures when I flew to Arizona. I'll talk about that LATER!! Mommy has to get the pictures ready.



I'm back! Here is a picture taken in Arizona. We stopped for a picnic at White Tanks Park. I'm doing my favorite thing, eating!!!

Did you notice my hair is uneven on my face? I ,ahh, got into some bubblegum at my other Mommys house. They had to cut it out.

You remember I told you we went to the mountain park in Arizona? Well, here is a picture of me laying in the shade there. I think I picked up a tick there though. Mommy found one on me when we got back to Washington.

Well, here you go. My Mommy is at it again! Another page she made of me! When will this end? This one is called "Fifi and The Heat Vent". I hope you enjoy it!!!

Did you see that??? Did you see the lizard walk across the page? I have one of those in my house!!! No...Really...I do!!! You don't believe me? Go look! Yes, Mommy made a webpage titled Fifi and the Lizard


Well, guess where I went today? I went on a boat ride! My first ever, unless you count the ferry boat I went on. Come see! You can learn, a "Poop Deck" is really not what it seems!

Guess what??? I am a BIG GIRL now!!! No, no, my Mommy and Daddy won't let me drink beer. You'd think they would, I'm a whole year old now!!!! (They say I am just to little size wise to have beer. Something about alcohol poisoning. sigh) But come and see my Birthday Party!!!!!!


My Mommy (and Daddy) say I am their Princess. I have a pink pillow to lay on and matching bows and sweaters and I am ohhhhhh so spoiled!!! Stay tuned cause my Mommy has more pages made of me. She just hasn't linked them yet.

Ohhhhhh, look at this picture. This is a picture of Mommy and me! As I promised, here is another page of me. Mommy calls this page A DAY IN THE LIFE OF FIFI She made this page because I have been their little girl for officially one year now! I love my Mommy and Daddy!!!!


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