Hello. My name is Fifi. Of course you may already know that since I am the Famous Fifi. I have a job and if I don't say so myself, I do it rather well!

Now this job is very important as the bunnies are BIG Bunnies. See, take a look at this one! Isn't he hum.......humon.....humonge........well, isn't he big!?

My job is to protect Mommy Dearest and Daddy Dear from these wild animals that roam the yard. My first lesson was to learn, what was what. I LOVE to chase my cat siblings and from inside the house....well.... a bunny and a kitty look the same. Now take this picture here.

I also have MORE proof that Bunnies and Kitties look alike. Take a look at this picture here.

Can you see how a little girl like me would get confused? I'm a big girl now....much smarter....but there was a time, when I was little, that I....."What Mommy Dearest?" Oh, she wants to tell the story. OK, Go ahead Mommy Dearest. I will sit here on Bunny Patrol while you tell the story.

The Story