sedonacar.jpgOur Trip To Sedona OR How to Survive Five Days with Your Brother, Hubby and Dog. The two hour car trip was pleasant.....that is if you don't mind riding back seat the whole time in a car with a mind of its own. A car that locks it's own doors and turns on its own lights and and car that won't let you out.

sedonacar2.jpgAt least the car had air conditoning. If we hadn't rented the car we would have had an old clunker with no air conditioning. That would have been no fun in 110 temperatures. So as we traveled along I watched the sceanery and played with my camera. Caught my brother in the mirror. Hi Earl!!! One of our stops was a gas station that must have been fifty years old. sedonacar4.jpg There was an old indian chief out front. There was nothing else around for miles and miles.