Sedona is a city in nothern central Arizona established in 1902 and incorporated in 1988.Sedona's story begins with two brothers, T.C. and Ellsworth Schnebly. They decided to test the area to see if the dry mild climate would improve his health. It did and they immediatelly claimed an 80-acre homestead on the west bank of Oak Creek. TC proposed two names for the area. One was Oak Creek Crossing and the other was Schnebly Station. Both names were rejected by the postmaster because they were to long to fit on a cancellation stamp. Ellsworth then suggested the town be named after TC's wife Sedona.


In the 1940's more than sixty films were shot in the sedona area with greats such a John Wayne and Gene Autry. When you watch some of the old films you will notice cactus in the back ground. Cactus does not grow in Sedona, it is to wet. They used cardboard cutouts.


Sedona is known for its natural red rock formation with names of recognizable shapes, like Snoopy, Sugerloaf, Catherdral Rock, Bell Rock,etc etc. Also known for its natural earth energy vortexs. The area is known for its natural beauty, hiking trails and has several national parks. The native american ruins with caves and adobe cliff dwellings are a must to see..Then there is also Slide Rock Park which has a natural rock slide. So what is Sedona? A beautiful vacation spot!


One of the best places to take a picture is up by the airport. Here is a picture of my brother taking a picture.