Moving--forward, I guess--
  or on, anyway...
not sure if I'm ready to
  see a new day...
wake up in a new place,
  to four new walls,
with different windows,
  different halls...



To let go of the room
  that once was hers--
now gone two years,
   my little girl.
So much of my life
  this house has seen,
the crush and rebuilding
  of my dreams....



I walk the hall where
  once her chair
bumped and scraped--
  I can still see there
the marks her wheelchair
  made on the wall...
my fingers trace them
  as I recall


  the laughter and joy,
  the love and the tears..
. so hard to believe
  she isn't still here...
and the scars in my heart
  as the scars on the wall,
I cherish because of
  the one they recall.

By Carol Ranney


Melinda (Mindi) Lee Osborne
October 2, 1971- July 6, 1998

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