Happy Mothers Day Mommy, from your special angel above.
I want to say Mommy,Thank You,for your unconditional love.

I am so sorry Mommy, that I had to leave you here on earth. You took such good care of me Mommy, ever since my birth.

Please Mommy, it hurts me, to see you sad and cry. I really am happy Mommy and the prettiest angel in the sky.

I am still here Mommy, in everything you see and do. I am the sun shining in the sky when it is ever so blue.

I am the birds singing in the light of an early dawn. I am the smell of Daddys freshly mowed lawn.

I am the sound of raindrops, on your window pane. I am the rainbow, at the end of the rain.

I am the butterfly fluttering by with delicate ease. I am the sound of wind blowing through the trees.

I am the ladybug, found walking your arm one time in May. I am here Mommy, thinking of you, on Mothers Day.