She was born in Seattle, Washington on October 2nd, 1971 to Tony and Fran Hull. She started off by wanting to do things her own way, including the way she wanted to be born. So, Mindi was born breech. At the time she was born she wasn't breathing. They got her breathing right away, but the lack of oxygen caused her to have Cerebral Palsy.The doctors told me she had one chance in a hundred to live and if she did she would be nothing but a vegetable. (I have to add here she was not a vegetable, she was a turkey. That was something she always wanted me say.) Mindi did live, to the surprise of the doctors. Being my first child I had no idea anything was wrong with her. At six months old the Doctor told me to take her in for an evaluation. That was when I found out she had Cerebral Palsey. I had no idea the road I was going to travel, but knew I would travel it with her until she was at least 18 years old.

It never entered my mind that Mindi wouldn't understand me. I just assumed she would. When Mindi was sixteen months old her father, my husband, died as an indirect result of a car accident on Christmas day. That left Mindi and I with just each other. Being a talker I always just talked away to her, never really wondering if she could understand. One day, when she was two, we were driving around doing errands. I was jabbering away to her as I always was. I was telling her what we were going to do. While telling her this I was trying to figure out if we had time to go to the park too. So,instead of saying we are going to the gas station, store and bank, I said we were going to the gas station, store and park. Her little legs started kicking and she started vocalizing. I thought "What? What did I say?" That was when it dawned on me I said park. That was when I knew. I knew Mindi could understand. We went to the park.


As beautiful angels wings were
flying over the streets of gold,
the baby angels could only
watch since they weren't very old.
Then one day God stopped to
talk to a little one without wings,
He said, "your day has come.......
just listen to the angels sing".
Confused yet excited the little
one said to the Lord,
"But I'm different from the others
God and not a miracle to behold".
"Oh, but yes you are," He said
with a hug and smile on his face.
"You're the greatest gift I can give
and a loving home you will grace".
You mean, tho I'm different and
will never be beautiful or smart
Someone will want me and give
me a place in their heart?"
"Gee God.....that person must be
special to be glad to have me,
Cause most folks would frown
and upset they would be."
God said, "your little heart was
filled with more love than most.
Cause I knew this family would
love you and hold you real close.
So go my little angel and take
the greatest gift I can bestow.
You're that "special" angel few
people have the honor to know."
By Sandy Eakle