The year Mindi turned four was a very big year for her. She got a new Daddy, an older brother, and later in the year a new sister. At this time the only way I had of communicating with Mindi was by guessing by her smile. Then, "the day" happened.We were in the kitchen making dinner. Mindi always sat in her wheelchair in the kitchen and "helped" me make dinner. As usual I would talk up a storm to her, never expecting an answer. I was asking if she wanted a certain item for dinner. I can't even remember what it was. I said, "Mindi, do you want so and so for dinner?" Then I looked at her to see what her reaction would be.If she had a big smile the answer was yes. No smile meant no. I looked at her and she nodded her head yes. My mouth dropped open and the food went crashing to the floor.By now Mindi is laughing her head off. I look at Mindi and ask her, "Mindi can you shake your head yes and no?" To which she nodded "Yes". Life was really never the same after that.Any time Mindi wanted to ask a question it was a guessing game. Sometimes it got kind of frusterating, but most the time we were able to manage pretty well.I remember one time. I timed it. 45 minutes it took us to figure out what she wanted to ask us. She was working as a preschool assistant and there were Chicken Pox going around. The teacher had asked her if she had had them, and she thought she had, and she was making sure.Always little things like that going on in her mind. There we some tims that I COULDN't figure it out. Many a time I would be almost asleep when I would sit straight up in bed and say, "Now I know what she wanted!"