A Special Birthday
(author unknown)

Please God, make them remember that Today is a special, birthday.
Make them understand that The memories don't go away.
Bless them, with ears to hear and hearts that care.
Enable them to listen while I share.
Shelter them that they may never know my pain.
Help them to help me know that my child's life was not in vain.
Help them to remember, Lord that I wish That my child was here
So we could still celebrate. To understand that I still Feel the nearness of my child.
To see beyond my smile and the Words. "I'm okay."
Please God, just let one remember today Is a special birthday!


On October 2nd, 1971, an Angel was born. She had eyes of blue that sparkled with mischevious, hair of gold that filled the air with rays of sunshine.... ....and Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is damage to the brain that controls the muscles. Thus my Angel could not sit, walk or talk. But, she COULD think, and through me, her Mom, she could convey what was on her mind. My earliest recollection of her sense of humor was when she was two years old. She was being tested on her ability to think. I was sitting in a chair with her in my lap. The teacher was in front of us holding a book in front of Mindi. They would say, "Mindi, look at the spoon". She would look at the correct page. "Mindi, look at the doll." Again correct. "Mindi, look at the clock." Even from behind her I coud see her grin, for it was from ear to ear. Slowly she turns her head.......and looks at the clock on the wall.
bearangelM.gifThe years pass. A bond is formed between two people, mother and child, that is unique to no other. I think for her. She thinks for me. Mindi loves many things. Children, so she works as a preschool assistant and volunteers at Childrens Hospital. She loves to collect bears and especially Beanie Babies when that fad hits. Mindi's 26th birthday approaches. She wants a super big birthday party like she had the year before for her 25th. Mindi loves birthday parties. I tell her "No, Mindi, not this year. But you know what Honey? I PROMISE for your 30th Birthday we will have the biggest party ever!!!!!!"

Mindi died before her 27th birthday. This year, October 2, 2001, she would have been 30th. My heart is wracked with pain. How do I keep my promise? I am trying. The only difference is, she is in heaven now. My first goal for her 30th Birthday is to donate 30 Beanie Baby Bears to Childrens Hospital.


I'm handicapped and wheelchair bound
Expected to sit and not make a sound
Just to smile and let the world go by
With saintly patience and never sigh.

Inside my head thoughts come and go.
Ideas are born which long to flow
Flow from my lips and link me with others
But my words sound strange so no one bothers.

My tongue and lips do not as I ask
I cannot perform the simplest task
But I have a mind and I'm still here
Don't lock me out in your ignorance dear

Talk though I seem not to understand,
Touch me, include me, hold my hand
I am alive and I have time to give
Let me share in the life I was given to live.
Author Unknown


angelbearview.gifHAPPY BIRTHDAY MINDIangelbearview.gif


Made In Memory Of Mindi