In memory of Mindi, who loved the fourth of July. She would take her power wheelchair and run over the popits. These colors are in memory of all the special Angels up there in Heaven.

This was one of Mindi's favorite holidays. Of course Christmas and her Birthday were first, because of the presents. She was so funny when she would "unwrap" a present. She would look at it and the expression on her face would be "That's nice, now where is the next one?"

Only after she was done would she go back and relook at them. Of course that doesn't count the ones she was REALLY excited about! I can only remember two right off hand. Teddy Ruxpin was one of her favorites. He was a bear that was a tape recorder. She went through several of them. LOL I think her most favorite though was the art lessons.

For years we had talked about the Art Program for the disabled. The only place they had lessons was just to far away. Then one year, in October, I happened to see in the Parks Department Brochure an Art Class. It was soooooooo hard to wait two months to tell her (It started after Christmas) but I waited. I got a calender and each Tuesady I wrote down Art Class.

Then I wrapped that up. LOL Man, you should have seen her! Her whole body was a tangle of excitely moving limbs! She loved her art class! But, alas, this is suppose to be about the fourth. (Maybe Halloween was her next favorite, because of the candy.) LOL Maybe it was just me that liked the fourth. We'd get together with my brothers family (he died 4 years ago) and have a Bar-B-Q and do off lots of fireworks.


I'd make red white and blue foods and of course I have my fourth of July clothes, as did Mindi. There's a sad part.The fireworks. bothered Mindi's ears. So everytime one went off she closed her eyes in anticaption of the loud noises.

An idea was born. I got her ear plugs. She went into the hospital July 1st and respiratory arrest the next day. Her ear plugs are still on the shelf, waiting...............