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            Mindi' s Dream On Beauty Pageant

                Melinda Lee Osborne was born October 2nd, 1971.An Angel was born that day. I had the pleasure to be her Mom. Mindi taught me much, though she couldn't talk. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and approached life for all she was worth. On July 6th, 1998 she took those Angel wings of hers and went to Heaven, where she now can laugh and run with the angels amoung the clouds.                                     





                                    Please visit AngelChild for Mindi's legacy.

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                MINDI'S LIFE STORY
                On these pages (several, like a book) you will find a complete story of Mindi. It is still under construction.



MINDI MEMORIES2tn.jpg                                                  Here you will find the page that will explain what Mindi was like. Some of the main events in her life are highlighted. It is also the only page that tells about her death.          


Poems I have written about Mindi in different stages of my grief.



                                  Mindi loved baseball. Our home team is the Mariners. One time she "ran" the bases. Her favorite player was Jim Abbott who played for the Angels and had one hand.


                Mindi enjoyed the Fourth of July. It was a day she could wear her flag clothes and use her power chair to run over pop-its. It was a day the family got together.

Mindi and Mike met in 1993. They enjoyed five years together. Enter here to see some pictures of Mike and Mindi.
                Mindi loved parties. It was a time when all her friends would get together. Every birthday was a day of celebration. Here you will find her first cyber birthday party after she died.




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