The morning started off as all the other mornings have.......cold! Brrrrrrrrrr. Besides that, dear Cousin Elaine wanted to "bond".......EARLY in the morning! I am NOT a morning person! So out in the early morning frost traisped two old ladies in their jammies, hair unbrushed, cluching a camera. With fog lifting we got several pictures.

Now Elaine wants to know how could you get these kind of pictures laying in bed sleeping????

Hey..........she stole my keyboard!!!!!! AS I WAS SAYING.........Here is a beautiful shot.


After that wonderful shot, which is hard to top, we wandered to the backyard, dashing behind trees when cars went by. Our nose and fingers are froze by now but we continued the quest for another wonderful shot. I think we found it.


Now again I want to know how you get these shots laying in bed sleeping until noon????? She is still trying to get out of it. However, I think we did bond a little bit. Well I better give her the keyboard back or she might get nasty.

Dang........ya get up to get a drink and she steals the keyboard again!!!!! OK.....Where was I?? Well, we went inside and tended to our "baby" who is ill.

OK, so the baby is a dog. Very well I mean loved. An emergency run up to the vet (In which Elaine again steals the keyboard. Wonder how many nasty emails she wrote about me?? Hmmm, I know her password now.) I return, without Wesley (the baby) because he had to stay at the vet to be monitered. What do I come home to, besides a warm keyboard?

Elaine has been known to "throw" things around in the kitchen. She is generally banned from the kitchen. You can see why. This was a visit someplace else. Here, she dumped a box of raisin bran on the floor. Bowl of cereal anyone??

I just don't get it. I dare any of you that are reading this to say you have never spilled anything. Also, the facts are getting very distorded. A period of a year or so I think I am entitled to drop something once or twice.

Our plans had to charge for the day. We were going to go to cousin Juanita''s to watch the Apple Cup. But since the baby had to stay for a few hours we couldn't leave home, sooo, the party came here. Let me introduce the cousins. The one on the right is the keyboard theif, Eliane. The middle one is Juanita........she is, well, Juanita and the OLDEST of the cousins. Then there is me. Frannie...the youngest, the best picture taker and cousin picker upper there is.


Many stories were told about the Davis children and the Osborne children. It brought laughter to our eyes. A happy time was spent together.


The Baby was able to come home with a diagnosis of hip problems...........WASHINGTON WON!!!!!!!!! Washington won which is very good because the guys were happy! The Huskies will go to the Rose Bowl.


The end of a very, well.........different day.