Mind's love for art may have started when she was young. In therapy they had her paint with pudding.....chocoate pudding!!!!

Mindi loved to paint

That was her most favorite thing to do.

These are some of her paintings.

Mindi could even make her own shirts. An animal shaped sponge would be put on the end of her head wand and dipped in paint. Then she would press the sponge to where she wanted it on the shirt.

When Mindi was younger she used to paint with a head wand as pictured above. Biggest problem with that was you better not approach her to close,unless you wanted to be part of her artwork. Hope purple is your favorite color cause it is Mindis. When she was older I found an art program at the Bellevue Highlands Center. I surprised her with it for Christmas.I bought her a calender and wrote in art class for every Tuesday. I think she was more excited about that than Teddy Ruxpin!! The last five years she went to the art program where she "finger" painted. Again you had to watch out for her. Somehow she'd end up getting her hands on you. She didn't finger paint, she hand paint. She'd come home with spots of paint that were missed here and there and a BIG GRIN. I have every one of her paintings she did in those 5 years. All except the ones she gave away. If someone was sad, or moving or having a birthday she had a quick cure. She gave them a Beanie Baby and one of her paintings.

A Child's Prayer overheard..."Our father, who does art in heaven, Howard is his name....".