I have a locket, that means so much to me.
I wear it around my neck, almost constantly.
The gold is now worn, where I've held it in my fingers.
While my thoughts would drift, your memory lingers.
In this heart shaped locket, is my little girl.
She had to go to heaven and leave this earthly world.
There are two pictures inside, one young, one grown.
And all the memories inbetween, before she was called home.
The locket lays gently, upon my broken heart.
Reminding me daily of a life that had to part.
I look down, see the locket,laying upon my chest.
I stop and smile and remember my little girl, the best!


Memories Of Mindi's 30th Cyber Party

I hope you were able to reflect on all the wonderful memories you have of that sweet girl. I remember the very first birthday I spent with Mindi. It was her 15th! I sure do have lots of fun memories. I always think about that bungee jumping escapade of hers at the Puyallup Fair. I have worked with hundreds of special kids, but she was the most special of my career. She remains an inspiration to me and always will.


Happy 30th Birthday, Mindi!
From someone who knows how much you're missed.

--Steve Taylor

        I want you to know I am thinking of you and Mindi today . Timmy and I lit a purple candle. I made the nurse go to the store and find one just for Mindi. I know all the kids are having a great party and dancing,singing,hearing,seeing as they are whole again free of pain and handicaps.
    May her angel arms surround you with all her love. May all your memories be happy ones.
^j^ Angel Hugs ^j^,
Gail (mom to Timmy 16, CP,Dysautonomia,Epilepsy,Deaf,Apnea,GERD,ADDH,Global Delays, Etc., Angel Cory-Sue and Angel Sandy-Beth) The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Mom also to KoKo,Mr Snickers, Geri,Squiggles,Rascal,Ponda,Dusty(ferrets), Bear (the great Hearing Ear Dog),Mugsy,Simba,Sashi,Micki,And Buffy (cats) and 16 fish

Dear Fran

We want you and Ken to know that we will be thinking of you on Mind's birthday tomorrow. I hope that you will have peace and strength as you remember all the special birthdays that you all had together. It is so hard as we remember how excited our kids got when it was their birthday or any bodies birthday. Hang on that hope and courage to help you get through the day and take care of yourself. We are there with you.

Harry And Mary Ann