Scopes & Binoculars
By:Larry Gene Pate

Your rifle scope for hunting varmints definitely needs to be a 1/4 inch click scope.If you need to dial clicks for range then 1/8 inch clicks DON'T cut it.On a 1/4 click you can dial out to 500 yards on nearly any caliber for varmints,but put that 1/8 inch click scope on there and you will be passing your 200 yard zero to get to 500 yards.

Now scope power needs to be at least a 6~24,this way as the day progresses you can dial down in power to cut the mirage down some.Be sure and get the dial up turrets also,the short nob caps and using a dime or penny to dial elevation just doesn't cut the mustard.Also never ever choose a 3~9 power for varmints,YOU need to see the animal well enough to place a prescribe shot!

Fellows I been in this game a long time and cheap scopes do not cut it either.Get a mid range price scope and spend the money "ONCE"

Fellows there are a lot of guys out there using a straight 10X50 power Binocular and there are a lot of guys going back to the motel in the afternoon with blood shot eyes because of it.Go with a 10X42 and your eyes will feel better late in the evening.You can see a lot better than you think with the 10X42's and you will be real surprise just how well you can at 500 yards.

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