Larry's Color Dial

Larry's Coded Scope Dials
By:Larry Gene Pate

Understand that only 1/4 inch click scopes will give you out to a 600 yard zero on click ups.1/8 inch scopes will give you only a possible 500 yard dial up zero,because of lack of clicks on dial.
First its best to get you a Ballistic Program from Sierra so that your yardage dial will and can be based on your BC (Ballistic Coefficient) & FPS (Feet Per Second) of your bullet !! Understand that my method on this is FAIL~Proof,so the bugs have already been worked out.~USE IT~IT WORKS

Ok,,I have been using this proceedure for YEARS.I use it for one specific reason,its a very fast way to acquire your proper range at which you want to shoot.The color coded DIAL on your SCOPE will <>TOTALLY ELIMINATE<> the need to count DIAL~UPS anymore.Take the little car paints that they sell in WAL~MART or K~MART and use a TOOTH PICK to mark each Yardage RANGE on your Scope Elevation Turret (ONLY,,,)


This also allows you to be very quick on getting on other Animals,such as Badger,Coyotes or the occasional rabbit.You will always know at which RANGE you are,,, due to the FACT that your COLOR CODED DIAL is based on my knowledge as well as your DIAL~Ups from your 200 yard ZERO.

Ok here is the way your DIAL is set up.

White =~~>100 Yards
Blue=~~>200 Yards
Yellow=~~>300 Yards
Limegreen=~~>400 Yards
Red=~~>500 Yards
Orange=~~>600 Yards

Now that you have that done,when you go to the field to shoot,set up gun level,then load and shoot with your DIAL turned up to 400 yards,,when that bullets hits,,rest assured its 400 yards.Or whatever range you would like to know.