By:Larry Gene Pate

Welcome to my website,I have hunted Prairie dogs & Coyotes for over 47 years,I have extensive experience with all calibers of Varmint Rifles as well as most Big Game Rifles.I have experienced several thousand personal kills with several calibers on Prairie dogs as well as other small game including cottontail rabbit as well as Jackrabbits.

I have extensive experience in coyote behavior as well as over 47 years experience Trapping,Snaring and calling.My best one night of hunting with a 220 Swift and a Mossberg 16 guage (# 6 Shot) shotgun is 385 jackrabbits, out of a total of over 450+ Rabbits shot..The other 65+ were killed by my hunting partner. That's representing 12 hours of straight Very,,Very hard hunting.

My best handgun shot on a Prairie Dog was 514 measured yards with a Remington XP~100,in a 6-BR caliber with a 70 gr Nosler bullet also witnessed by a group of 5 people

My 1,044 yard Prairie Dog was shot on the 3rd shot,witnessed by a good friend and client Ray Cook.

My other best shots are~~> 1 shot kill on a prairie dog with a 25-06 with a 120 grain bullet at 800 measured wheel yards

My best Shooting on Prairie dogs is 60 dogs out of 70 rounds at 350 to 400 yards.

My reputation of being very fair and honest,precedes me.I am very well known in the Varmint Hunting Industry and am ONE of the ( 3 ) Original guides in the USA. After that Guides from all over came out of the wood work to "try" to strike it "RICH" in this industry.Many soon found out its a very hard industry,,unless you have the "EXPERIENCE in RANGE FINDING".And I don't mean with a Rangefinder either.

My service to local hunters as well as hunters on a National level is a matter of record.I have over 600 clients on my books over a 10 year period.I have not paid for an advertisement in over 8 years.All my business has consisted of REPEAT business.I am sure that you will find this web page to be very enjoyable.Book a hunt by sending your deposit to:
Larry Gene Pate~Box 200,Idalou,Texas.79329

All Hunters Please Email Me At:


Prairie dog hunting is very rewarding, in that you get more shooting than any other field of hunting.Some folks would call this not hunting but shooting,well yes and no.Some days when the Heat is very extreme like say in late June,July or August,shots are few and far between after lunch so you would have to search out the field for just a shot or two,however in the milder months the shooting would be very heavy,,up to 400 rounds per day depending on each hunter.Not ever hunter will attain that goal simply because no two hunters are alike or shoot alike.

Caliber will vary from the 223 Remington up to and beyond a 243 Ackley Improved.The 223 is a very fine caliber that will definitely do shots at up to and beyond 500 yards.However on windy days where the wind will excess 10 miles per hour,a bigger caliber such as the 22~250 with the 55 grain bullet would be fine.

Rifle caliber is mainly up to the hunter,just choose something you are comfortable with.Always choose the bullet with a high Ballistic Coefficient and you will fine that down range capabilities are far better than to light of a bullet.I highly recommend the 55 grain bullet for all the 22 calibers from the 223 Remington and up.

If you are a beginner and are concerned about setting up right then I suggest you read out this web page and study it,for it has very much info on everything concerning my business and what to expect.Once I teach you the basics you will be fine,,half the fun of this type hunting is learning the basics.I have several techniques I use in the field that I ONLY share with PAYING customers!!

After you have accomplished that,shooting 500 to 1000 yards will truly be a piece of CAKE. Out of 600+ clients scattered all over the USA and Canada,I only have seen maybe 5 that couldn't cut the mustard. I have seen some very fine shooting done here on my outfit,after I have given good sound Shooting Instructions to those that desired to be the BEST they could possibly be.I am very proud of each and ever one to..

If you are a Non~resident,then you will need to call the number above to get your Non~Resident Special 5 day Hunt licenses.They only do 5 day minimum licenses.The Licenses Cost $48.00. Larry