I have a very good working relationship with all my hunters.however when you work with the general public,you find some people think that you OWE them type attitude.Well quite frankly,anymore I have enough clients that keep me very busy and I figure I am very easy going as it is,,so I can and do BOOK people OUT of my books that I care NOT to be AROUND.I have and will CONTINUE only to hunt with those that make me feel comfortable.

I am proud off the fact I run a very tight outfit,in that we stay on time,,The hunt hours are from 8:15 am till 4:30 pm and NO DEPOSITS are refunded,I have to be OUT of DOG TOWNS by 5:pm (LEASE AGREEMENT) ,no EXCEPTIONS~~ Booked Hunts are booked for a time on calendar. (!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!) I WILL REBOOK YOUR HUNT without charge,simply call me and explain,I am easy to deal with. My day generally doesn't end when we get thru,generally I have other things that need my attention or something.

THERE is ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING of Alcohol on MY HUNTS,,Anyone caught sneaking a BEER out of ANY COOLER ,,the HUNT AUTOMATICALLY CANCELS THEN,,(((!!!NO EXCEPTIONS!!!))) WE DO NOT shoot any hawks,Owls,or Buzzards,,they are FEDERALLY PROTECTED and that will get your HUNT CANCELED,,,(!!! NO EXCEPTIONS !!!) Please ALSO understand I take GUN SAFETY and handling Proceedures very serious,so I am not easy to live with if I catch any hunter mis~handling a gun.Just use good common sense,,I am easy going and want your stay to be very rewarding and very pleasant.Thank you,Larry Gene Pate


June,July,& August hunts are nice of mornings but can be very hot during the after noon.If your lookng for all day hunting in late June or anytime in July,Aug you will be very disapointed for the afternoon hunting as DOG activity slows way down to a very slow crawl.I have mentioned this before and it goes over a lot of peoples head for some reason...Larry