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A non-profit, benefit organization serving families and friends of homicide victims.

Who We Are

The majority of the board members of Citizens Against Homicide have had a family member murdered. They are surviving the devastating loss of a loved one and still suffer the continued emotional trauma of coping with our criminal justice system.

CAH Objectives

~> Assist families through the complicated criminal justice system.

~> Provide trial and courtroom support to victims.

~> Accompany victims to parole hearings in their endeavor to keep the convicted murderer in prison.

~> Provide information on pending legislation.

Protecting Your Own Interests

You can't prepare for the event that makes you a victim. You can only react. You need to know how to deal with the subsequent trial, sentencing and un-avoidable parole hearings. CAH helps you take action to protect your own interests.

If you have friends or family who may be in need of our assistance, please pass along the information regarding our organization.

P.O. Box 2115
San Anselmo, CA. 94979
tel- 415-455-5944 ~~ fax- 415-454-0298

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