1 a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments


c : the administration of law; especially : the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity

2 a : the quality of being just, impartial, or fair

b (1) : the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action

(2) : conformity to this principle or ideal : RIGHTEOUSNESS

c : the quality of conforming to law

3 : conformity to truth, fact, or reason : CORRECTNESS

Convicted Murderer's image



Amy Sue's Picture

On the morning of March 14, in Ventura County community of Camarillo, twenty-four month old Amy Sue Seitz, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, was being dropped off at the home of a relative who cared for her during the week, while her mother worked.

While Amy's relative was busy upstairs with housework, little Amy watched cartoons on television, then fell asleep on the living room couch. When the relative heard the downstairs front door close, she thought nothing of it. Amy Sue, she assumed, had awakened and decided to play in the front yard. Minutes later, the relative came back downstairs and went out into the yard to find Amy. She was not there. When she called out, "Amy Sue! Amy Sue!" She got no answer. She began searching the streets, yelling at the top of her lungs for Amy Sue Seitz. But the tiny tot, only thirty-two inches tall and weighing a mere 32 pounds, had disappeared.

Amy Sue has now been missing for about 48 hours.

Approximately 28 miles from where 24 month old Amy Sue had last been seen, Fred Straylaw looked out his bedroom window and saw his two dogs with something bloody in the driveway. He called the dogs and locked them inside. He went immediately back out to see what his dogs had been playing with.......

Using palm prints, the M.E. identified her as twenty-four month old Amy Sue Seitz.

The M.E.'s report stated:

*1- Amy Sue had been forced to drink alcohol.

*2- Amy Sue had been raped.

*3- Amy Sue had been punched in the face full force.

*4- Amy Sue suffered massive brain hemorrhage.

*5- Amy Sue had extensive skull fractures.

*6- Amy Sue's skin had been peeled from her body with vise-grips while she was still alive.

*7- Amy Sue had been strangled to death.

Remember, this is a 24 month old baby, weighing only 32 pounds and a mere 32 inches tall.

After an extensive search and with the help of one witness who had seen the suspect prior to Amy Sue's dissappearance, rape, torture and murder, the police had the lead they needed.

The suspect's name was Theodore Francis Frank.
He was 43 years old.

This is what was learned about Theodore Fank:

*1- Frank's most recent arrest had been in connection with the molestation of an eight-year-old girl.

*2- Theodore Frank had spent 14 years locked up in hospitals or prisons in Missouri and California.

*3- Six weeks after he was released from Atascadero, where he was doing time for raping a four year old child, Amy Sue Seitz was raped, tortured, and murdered.

*4-After Amy's Death Frank was arrested for two other molestations in the San Fernando Valley! He was convicted in those two cases.

*5-In 1958, he was arrested and charged with fondling a ten year old girl in front of a church.

*6-Two years later he was once again a free man!

*7-In the 1960s, Frank was charged with several sex offences.

*8-He served a second hospital term and another Missouri prison term.

*9-In Illinois, when he was questioned about several sex related crimes and child mosestation and murder of a seven-year-old boy in Missouri, he fled to California.

*10-In Bakersfield in 1974, Frank was convicted of molesting a small boy and was sent to Atascadero. At Atascadero, a report by a psychologist stated that "Frank is a chronic, habitual child molester whose patterns are almost impossible to change."

*11-While Theodore Frank was at Atascadero, he wrote this in a notebook; "Why do I want to degrade and humiliate children? Sadism...I enjoy the humiliation. Defile the innocent. Make them scared of sex. It's dirty. I didn't have a happy childhood, neither will they...Revenge."

*12-On January 17, police went to Frank's apartment with an arrest warrant. They discovered he was being held in L. A. County Jail, charged with the molestation of still another child!

*13-Theodore Frank had been recently sentenced to eight years in prison in connection with the molestation of more adolescent females. Those incidents had occurred five months AFTER Amy Sue's tragic death.

Theodore Frank's trial got underway on November 5, one year and eight months after Amy Sue Seitz's brutal murder. Frank was charged with kidnapping, rape, child molestation, and first-degree murder. The Los Angeles County M.E., Dr. Manuel Breton, testified that little Amy's nipples had been pinched horribly with pliers or vise grips. "There was not only damage to the nipple itself, but there was also the imprint of the weapon". Asked whether the child was alive during this torture, the doctor somberly answered, "Yes, she was."

The doctor further testified that Amy had been raped, had suffered several vicious blows to her skull. Bruises on her neck were characteristic of manual strangling, and, beneath these, he said, he found a fracture of the hyoid bone of the voice box and bruising of soft tissues behind.

On November 26, a nine-year-old girl testified that she had been kidnapped by Frank four months AFTER Amy Sue's death. She said he drove her to an isolated area, stripped her, and attacked her. She said she was forced to drink beer by Frank and he pinched her breasts. "He took my panties and tried to stuff them down my throat," the child told the court.

Seven days into the trial, a pair of vise-grips that had been found during the search of Frank's apartment,were entered into evidence. Jurors gasped as an expert gave a description of how the pliers could apply 2,000 pounds of pressure when clamped tight. On December 15, the seven-man, five-woman jury found Theodore Frank guilty of rape, child molestation, kidnapping, and murder.

On January 7, almost two years since the rape, torture and murder of little 24 month old Amy Sue, jurors had no difficulty in deciding Frank's fate. They quickly voted that the convicted baby-killer should be executed in San Quentin's gas chamber.

That is what is called "JUSTICE" for Amy Sue and all of the other victims ....IF the sentence were carried out.

Did you think this just happened? If you did, you would be wrong. This torture, rape, and murder of twenty-four month old Amy Sue happened in 1978!

Four years after his first trial, the State Supreme Court upheld Theodore Frank's conviction, but over-turned the death penalty.

Seven years after this brutal murder, in 1985, a second penalty hearing was held, again Frank was sentenced to death.

In 1990, the State Supreme Court unanimously voted to uphold the death sentence.

Now TWENTY-THREE YEARS after Amy Sue's torture and murder, Theodore Frank still sits in prison..... *See Update Below*

Ladies and Gentlemen, my question to you is, has justice been served? The delay of this sentence for 23 years is JUSTICE DENIED!

The message sent by the CA Judicial system, and other states, is - Do your crime and we will do everything in our power to save you - the murderer - from being executed.

Did Amy Sue have a fair trial?

Did Amy Sue get to appeal for 23 + years before Frank tore her skin off with pliers, raped her, beat her and then killed her?

There are orginizations that want to do away with the death penalty, because it is "cruel and inhumane".

Theodore Frank carried out his death penalty on little Amy Sue Seitz. That wasn't "cruel and inhumane" was it........

Twenty-four month old Amy Sue hasn't had a Christmas Card in 23 years. She will never again sit on Santa's lap, never wake up in the morning to the wonder of Christmas with the tree and all the presents, and never play with a little doll. She will never blow out three candles on a birthday cake, let alone 23.

My next question to you is this;
Will YOU send Amy Sue's murderer a Christmas Card.... or will you

It's your call............

The following orginizations want to do away with the death penalty:

1- moratorium2000@afsc.org
2- cuadp@cuadp.org
3- admin-us@aiusa.org
4- rights@schr.org
5- GEJustice@yahoo.com
6- gfadp@yahoo.com
7- ejusa@quixote.org

Ladies and Gentlemen, a stand needs to be taken. Which one will you take? It is still your call...........

* UPDATE ~ September 6, 2001 *

From Ventura County Star Newspaper:
Written by; Tamara Koehler.

The man who raped, tortured and murdered a 2-year-old Camarillo girl in one of Ventura County's most horrific crimes has died of natural causes after spending 23 years on death row.

Theodore Frank was found by prison guards in his small cell at San Quentin state prison Thursday morning, dead of an apparent heart attack. The 66-year-old had a history of heart trouble and received open heart surgery at state expense several years ago. (Makes me sick that tax dollars were spent on this.)

The news brought mixed feelings to the family of Amy Sue Seitz, who would have been 26 years old today.

"Part of me wanted to be there if the day ever came for him to be executed to see the fright on his face because he knows his time is finally come," said Sherry Roberts, who was a young mother of 20 when her daughter was killed.

"But part of me is just glad it's finally over, and that he died alone and no one was there to save him. Just like Amy."

Roberts said she planned to go to her daughter's grave after work Thursday with a "big ol' bunch of flowers and tell her it's finally over."

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