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MOTTO: Together we can make a difference.

PURPOSE: To Inform, educate, bring awareness, and to help victims of violent crimes.

SUBJECT: To help victims and families of violent crime get justice.


These pages were made because our daughter, Wendy, and our grandson, David, were murdered. Please read "Wendy's Story", the first link on the right.

PLEASE NOTE~ The murderer of our daughter, Wendy, and our grandson, David, came up for parole in June of 2012. Parole was denied! Several times we were able to have parole denied.

We put up a strong fight to try to keep him from being paroled, and we would like to thank everyone who joined us in that battle.We were notified on March 10, 2014 that he (the murderer) was granted work release, which if completed successfully, will lead to parole.

Violent crime touches 1 in every 33 families in this country.

You will find many victim's stories on this site. Please read them because you CAN help in one way or another. You can make a difference by helping the family keep the Murderer in prison, or to help find the murderer! Or just by showing your support to the family by caring enough to read their story.

There are also many links to help sites for victims and their families. If you are seeking help, shelter, assistance, or any other form of support, go to the Links section of this site.

Our goal is to provide a way for every person who visits this site to help. Click on "Citizens Against Homicide" and subscribe to their free monthly newsletter. Each month they feature a victim of violent crime, and they also profile criminals who are elgable for early parole, where you can write to protest the early release of a violent criminal, and send a copy to the family of the victim. Always remember, you can also write to any Parole Board via E-Mail - by simply clicking HERE to access the parole board in any state.

Also, be sure to scroll (page down) to the bottom of this page to view any current AMBER ALERT.

Violent criminals rarely serve their full sentence. They get paroled, re-enter society only to commit more violent crimes, and that is not justice for the victim, the family, or society!

*FACT - Over the past 29 years, 638,803 people have been murdered. That is more than every man - woman - and child - in the entire state of Vermont !!

*FACT - There are 2.51 people murdered every hour - 24 hours a day - every day - 365 days a year - in this country.

*FACT - One violent crime occurs every 17 seconds in this country, that means there are 5,082 violent crimes committed every 24 hours.

FACT - Almost 700 women are shot and killed by intimate partners each year in the United States!

Knowledge is Power. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe, read "Safety Tips" for some sound advise. You owe it to yourself and to those you love. Also, be sure to read "Protect the Children" to learn how to take your own DNA samples.

* indicates links that leave this site. If a new window does not open for you, use your back key to return.

~~> WARNING <~~

Some pages on this site are graphic and/or text intense, not meant for children and may offend some adults.



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Protect The Children
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