How to Use
the Interlocking Template
A Help Page by Mary

The main idea of using the template is to matte out your sections and composite using dstover with the tiling box checked for fills or unchecked for the image.

Here is the template.
For printer's convenience, the url is

And here is the template with the sections marked X that need to be matted out for the image in the center.
For printer's convenience, here is the url--

Take the template to Image Magick.
Below the image, put 5555 in the fuzz box.
Choose Floodfill.
Choose Matte and none for the color.
Go up to the image and click. Move the arrow to the sections that were marked with an X and click. This will have to be done five times.

Click composite at the top.
Put the url of your image in the slot.
Choose +0+0 and Center.
Choose dstover from the drop-down menu.
Click composite.

This is what your image should look like. (

Again, matte out sections of your image to use glass or a fill. If you want to paint the sections, use replace and a color. You need not matte out portions if you choose to paint them.

Click composite at the top.
Put the url of your fill in the slot.
Choose dstover and check the box below for tiling.

Here is the image with the fill/glass used.

Note 1: In compositing the image, you can adjust your offset numbers to move the image horizontally or vertically.
Note 2: To draw your own frame using Path numbers see this page.

If you have any questions, you may e-mail me at kitkat3l@(remove) or you can find me here.

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Dated this 8th day of June, 2008.