Draw the Interlocking Mask/Frame

Recently I found a beautiful filled mask but was unable to find the original mask. Here is the image I found. The url of the image is http://www.wtv-zone.com/Kitkat3l/Help_Pages_3/lighthouseTK.jpg

After searching in many many sites, I decided to try to draw my own. It turned out to be an almost impossible task. What I have drawn is still not perfect but works fairly well.

Go to Image Magick and make a blank 400x399. I made mine honeydew.
Click on Draw and select Path.
Copy this first set of numbers and paste them in the numbers box.

Caution - It IS NOT recommended that you try to type in the numbers.

Delete Fill Color and put a Stroke Color in. I used slategray but use any color you want.
Use a stroke width of 5.
Click Draw.

Click Draw at the top again and choose Path.
Hi-lite and copy the numbers in this second textarea and paste them in the numbers box.
Delete the fill color.
I used darkslategray for the stroke color and stroke width of 2. Black could also be used. This is the shadow line.

Here is the finished template. (For printers' convenience, the url is http://www.wtv-zone.com/Kitkat3l/Help_Pages_3/template_1_keep.jpg. You can either use this template or use the numbers above and draw your own with your own colors.

A tip - It is easier for me to copy both sets of numbers and put them on a mailto:1 page. That way you can skip back and forth. The cursor is active so it's easy to copy your numbers.

- - - - -

A tip--

When you've got the template, add a 10x10 border of honeydew by clicking on "decorate" at the top.

Replace the outside part of the template with a color that's not in the image, like mistyrose.

Matte out the five spaces for the image and composite your image, using dstover.

Matte out the 12 spaces for the glass by using 3333 and replace with matte.

Composite your glass using dstover.

If you need to redraw your lines, you must take 10 off all sides. Use these directions to remove the extra spaces. If your lines are fuzzy, use the above numbers and redraw them and make them a little wider.

If you have any questions, you may e-mail me at Kitkat3l@(remove)webtv.net or you can find me here.

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Dated this 8th day of June, 2008.

Rewritten this 28th day of July, 2012.