Mary's Help Pages
For Beginners

I have several "help pages" written over the years and have decided to organize them on one page. These aren't tutes----I don't claim to create any of them but if they help someone with their imaging and using their webbie, that's great!! So, on with the fun!!

Offset Numbers

Cropping at Image Magick

Cropping Tips Using Image Magick

More Cropping Info

Point and Click Method

A Point and Click Exercise

Point and Click Lines

Another Point and Click Exercise

A Composite Help Page

A Composite Exercise

Using the Find Key

Make an Oval from a Square Picture

Framing an Oval (Part 2 of Making an Oval)

Oval Illustration

Customizing Oval or Circle Frames

How To Annotate

How To Use a Gold Fill

Using a Fill For a Name

How To Harvest Urls

Make a Candle

Make a Candle Base for Your Candle

Draw a Glass Chimney

How To Draw a Polygon

Composite on Polygon

Triple Frame Polygon

How to Unzip at the Warehouse

Let's Make Scallops

Make a Bezier Frame

Playing With Dingbats

Let's Draw Circles

Circle Illustration

Playing With Graph Paper Part 1

Using Graph Paper Part 2

Round Rectangle Demonstration

Draw a Frame Using Path

One version Wire Frames

Simple Composite (Christmas fence)

Side Border Scallops

Make a Swinger

Build a Box

Make a Sparkley Banner

How To Animate

Scope a Christmas Tree

Small Scoped Reindeer

Draw Wire Frames Using Path

Draw an Interlocking Frame

Numbers for Interlocking Squares

Using an Interlocking Frame Template

Help With a Tabled Frame

Four Rectangle Image Using Dstover

A Moving Experience

Draw an Envelope

Animated Glowing Witch

Playing With Transparencies

My Version of Cathy D's Sanddollar

Numbers for Quilt Blocks

Draw a Frame

Cross-Hatched Frame Using Path

Numbers and Templates Index

Make a Frame Using Append


Gold Lines Frame

How to Place Animation

Draw a Crooked Mask

Kaerf's Mask and Frame

See these sites for more Instruction Pages.

Carolyn's Round Rectangle Frame (Revised)

Carolyn's "Draw a Bezier Heart"

cjs draw tnts

Shadow/Glow Using DSTOUT by Tre

Reduce frames in Animations by Tre

Cathy D's sanddollar tutorial

Roll Instructions by John

Tabling Animations by Sally