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The above scene captures New York City prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The New York skyline will never be the same and neither will any of us. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all those who lost their lives and to the friends and families they left behind.

Charter for HPO NewsGroup

HomePage Opinions (HPO) is a News Group founded to provide assistance on the design of your web pages. Our goal is to provide helpful, constructive advice in a friendly atmosphere and to help you with your design efforts.

To submit your page for HPO's review, simply post your page at the News Group. Be sure to include the url of your site. And, if you have any specific areas you want the group to address, be sure to note this in your post.

All are welcome to request review. However, sites with pornography, hate, racism, items for sale, spam and adult content should not be posted. Treating other posters with respect is required.


Simply posting in the NewsGroup, either with a request to review your own page and posting your opinion of another poster's site, makes you an HPO member.

~ Posting Your Site

We welcome the opportunity to review your site. There is a wide range of experience level in our membership group to give you input from spelling to overall design to html coding. You can be sure to obtain honest, helpful opinions from the group.

~ Reviewing Another's Site

Your opinions matter to the site owner and the group. Whether you are experienced or not so experienced in web page design, offer your opinions on that area in which you feel comfortable. This could include:

. Loading time
. Use of graphics and midis
. Ease of navigation
. Properly working links
. Overall page design
. Content
. Spelling, punctuation
. Guestbook accessibility
. Use of text color, bg's

Provide opinions to the site owner on what you liked and thought might be done a little different. Remember, we are here to share, help and learn from each other.


Besides the NewsGroup, we have numerous programs and sites available for you. Check out all of our programs listed below.

Awards Program
Bannerswap Program
Birthday Club
The HPO Box Office
Tutorial Library
HPO F-Keys
Feedback Form
HPO NewsGroup
Net4Tv Profiles
FYI Newsletter
HPO Family Photo Album
Gift Shop
Meet The Staff
In Memory of MAW
In Memory of George
1000 Post Club
Monthly Calendar
In Memory of Irishgodfather

All HPO members are welcome to join any or all of our programs.


Each month, HPO sponsors an award program to honor excellence in web page design. Visit our Introduction page for complete details.

June Award Winner

Information Please


For a page you can use to link to HPO, which outlines all of our programs in detail, visit The Links for HPO page. Also, you can pick up a linking text image at our Add-A-Link page.


To meet the staff, visit the Staff Page.

Many thanks goes out to all individuals for their past and continued support of HPO and our programs.

Contact Webmaster here: HPO Staff

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