This was really a report, rather than a tribute. In fact, the beginning of the show asked "will the other soap operas survive or will they face the same fate as Guiding Light?"

There was a lot of interviewing of Kim Zimmer (Reva) and Robert Newman (Josh) and the things that happened during their stories. There was also interviewing of an 89-year-old viewer, who watched while her kids were in their playpens, and a lot of analyzing about lost viewership. Working women, viewers literally dying off, new media choices were reasons given. Executive Producer Ellen Wheeler stated that cost cutting was one reason. Nobody mentioned the writing or that **** music drowning out the dialogue. They told about rooms being used for dual purposes, to save money, and working outdoors.

They said there were 15,762 episodes, all told.

They showed clips, photos from the Paley Center, and photos of the last work day, going back and forth. I sorted them, and this first page is the clips. As usual, I took only what my site still needed from the choices.

Ian Zierling and Paige Turco as Cameron Stewart and Dinah Marler, late '80's.
Josh and Bert Bauer (Rick's grandmother)
      Two Josh and Reva weddings.

Amish Reva (with Alan) and Reva struck by car driven by Vanessa.

Billy Dee Williams as Dr. Jim Frazier, about 1966.

Leslie and Ed Bauer, Rick's mother and father.
Far right, Rick's Great-Aunt Meta, many years ago.

Rick running a Bauer barbeque about five years ago.
Alan Michael Spaulding arriving back in town.