Look at the flag as it floats on high,
Streaming aloft in the clear, blue sky,
Rippling, leaping, tugging away,
Brilliant as the sunshine, bright as the day,
Throbbing with life, where the world may see.

Flag of our country, flag of the free!
What do we see in the flag on high,
That we bow our heads as it passes by,
That we thrill with pride, our hearts beat fast,
And we cheer and cheer as the flag goes past-
The flag that waves for you and me-
Flag of our country, flag of the free?

We see in the flag a nation's might.
The pledge of a safeguard day and night,
Of a watchful eye and a powerful arm
That guard the nation's homes from harm.
Of a strong defense on land and sea-
Flag of our country, flag of the free!

We see in the flag a union grand,
A brotherhood of heart and hand,
A pledge of love and a stirring call
To live our lives for the good of us all-
Helpful and just and true to thee,
Flag of our country, flag of the free!

Flutter, dear flag, o'er the lands and seas!
Fling out your stars and your stripes to the breeze,
Righting all wrongs, dispelling all fear,
Guarding the land that we cherish so dear,
And the God of our fathers, abiding with thee,
Will bless you and trust you,
O flag of the free!

Author: Walter Taylor Field

"I believe that what self-centered men
have torn down, men other-centered
can build up.
I still believe that one day
mankind will bow before the
altars of God and be crowned triumphant
over war and bloodshed
and non-violent redemptive goodwill
proclaimed the rule of the land.

And the Lion and the Lamb
shall lie down together,
and every man shall sit under his own vine and fig tree,
and none shall be afraid.
I believe that we shall overcome."

- Martin Luther King -

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"Our reliance is in the love of liberty
which God has planted
in our bosoms
Our defense is in the preservation
of the spirit which prizes liberty
as the heritage of all men,
in all lands, everywhere."

- Abraham Lincoln -


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