I have not heard the music within your being,

Nor felt the rhythm of your life

How can I criticize your song

Or even your singing?

I have not dreamed your dreams

Nor seen your visions

Nor designed your castles

How can I say you walk in the wrong direction?

I have not plunged the depth of your feelings

Nor felt the intensity of your needs

Nor known the agony of your hurts

How can I say you should not cry?

I have not known the questions you asked

Nor heard the answers you were given

Nor witnessed your encounter with mystery

How can I say you are not living?

I have not walked the path of your youth

Nor stood at the crossroads of your decisions

Nor journeyed the roads of your daily living

How can I say your life is not true?

I have not known the pain of your sufferings

Nor the intensity of your battles

Nor the humiliations of your defeats

How can I say you did not try?

Yet , my sister

My brother

These I have both said and done.

Forgive me ! Father

( Author,,,Rev.Bernard Powers )

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