Two Beautiful Poems By Johnnie Oakes

I watched you as you sat alone last night,

I whispered to you,

everything is going to be alright,

As I saw you weeping,

I could not understand,

As I reached for you,

you did not take my hand,

I could see the heart break on your face,

The pain you showed, made my own heart race,

I sat and watched you for what seems like hours,

Wishing I could help you, if I just had the power,

Why would you not let me touch you,

hold you a while?

Why did you not hear me,

not give me your smile?

I could hear you moan OH GOD

how can this be?

How could this dear one

be taken from me?

Then suddenly I remembered,

what had brought you such fear,

I want to tell you, that I left my body

but I am still here.

ęcopyrights Johnnie Oakes 2/05/02

Still missing you,

no matter what I do,

Thoughts rushing to me,

they hurt can't you see?

Still missing you,

You told me that time heals all pain,

It can take a while to learn to live again,

Tell me when does it end?

How do I start? Where do I begin?

I go for long walks, remember our talks,

Still Missing You.

ęcopyrights 3/20/02 ~Johnnie Oakes~

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