Dear Lord

Change not thy will in my life,

Or trial and sorrows to be;

Renew my faith and make me strong,

Change not thy will,

Change Me.

Though teardrops fall when trouble comes,

Like the storms on a rolling sea;

Let thy beacon guide my ship to port

Change not the storm,

Change Me.

When thy holy word I do not understand

And thy glory I can not see;

Teach my eyes; give me sight and wisdom,

Change not thy word,

Change Me.

If the fruit thou hast given me to eat,

Taste bitter and sour,


Let not my will but Thine Be Done,

Change not the fruit,

Change Me.

If Sometimes I murmur and grumble,

Dear Lord,

About the cross I carry for Thee;

Keep it firm on my shoulders, but hold my hand,

Change not The Cross,

Change Me.

If you change thy ways to please me,

Dear Lord,

I Would soon grow cold and turn from Thee;

That You may hear my prayers,

Dear Lord,

Change not thy ways,

Change Me.

There is a valley that I must cross,

Someday Thy Face to see;

Lest I forget what power is thine,

Change not the valley,

Change Me.

Author Unknown

O Lord

Thou Knowest well how dark the way,

Guide Thou my footsteps, lest they stray;

Give me faith for every hour,

Lest I should ever doubt Thy power;

In Thy name I pray,


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Inspired-Art by Danny Hahlbohm

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