Welcome to my midi pages!

Linkable Midis by the way!

I hope you will find something you like!

A couple of the pages were the very first

webpages I ever made and will be added to periodically!

As you can tell I like music, color and beautful things.

Hope you enjoy your visit and come back often!

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New Bern, North Carolina


Thanks Sue for this beautiful tribute to our friendship!

You are the best!

All the Midi's on these webpages were found
on the internet in public
domain websites. There is no profit
made from my midi music pages. Only
the enjoyment of listening to music on
personal webpages and personal e-mails
is intended. To the best of my knowledge,
all the midi files on my pages
are public domain. Even though the midi
is an alterable data file, there are
some who have copyrights to selected
midi's. If anyone has such a copyright
to one or more of the midi files
contained in the my midi pages,
then please e-mail me with proof
of copyrights for the selected midi,
and I will promptly remove it.

Thank You.