Welcome to Chris'Z Corner

Chris'Z Corner

Welcome to my new site

When Yahoo! decided to nuke GeoCities, I decided to let the two sites I had there evaporate along with the rest of it. Meanwhile, I began searching for a new home on the web where I could realize simpler, smaller versions. I finally decided on WebTV Zone as offering the best for both Web TV'er and PC use. While I was at it, I also decided to re-incarnate another site that had been a victim of "host server mortality". So here they are, all three of my former websites. Reborn as a single entity; Like Phoenixes from the ashes of their former lives.

The three sections of the reincarnated website are:

Bicycle Rider ~ My pages devoted to bicycling.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wheelman ~ Just general stuff, all kinds of stuff.

Doctor Szalinski's attic ~ Special stuff for my more mature visitors.

This site is optimized for best viewing using a

Internet reciever

As such it is designed to be fast loading and comfortably viewed on almost any browser or internet connection.

Unlike - ahem - "less considerate" website designers I use no uber-fancy $#!+ coding that force page width, prevent your device from formatting the page to fit your device's screen or render the site unviewable unless you have or buy the late$t and greate$t web browsing software or requiring the use of a "mobilizer".